Monday, August 20, 2018

2018 - Day 232/133 - Monday...1587...

There are finally some blooms on the plumeria that Mikey (from Del Ray Beach) brought to us last year. He brought several, but only one made it through the winter. I bought two more and they have not bloomed yet this year, but this one is thriving and I love the blooms and the fragrance. It reminds me of buttered popcorn. Of course, lobster reminds me of buttered popcorn, too, so there is that.


OMFG...I do not know what I will do with all the extra time tomorrow morning. I expect, however, that I will be able to put it to SOME good use...maybe an extra half-hour of sleep. My phone kept telling me that there was lightning detected near the house, and as I got closer, it sprinkled a little bit of rain here and there, but I saw nothing close to the house. When I got home, the driveway was wet, but still I thought there would be just a trace. Jody said it rained for a few minutes. When I went outside (I was watering the trees), there was a reading of 0.39" in the gauge. Since then, there has been a little more rain, and there are still a few chances of more rain overnight. We shall see if there is any more accumulation.

Okay, if it is Monday, it must be 'Antiques Road Show'. This journal entry MUST END.

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Sunday, August 19, 2018

2018 - Day 231/134 - Sunday...1612...

Home again, home again. All is right with the world. This is going to be a short journal entry. It took an act of Congress (practically) to get off the ship and through customs. I got to my car around noon, and got home about 4:45. All is good, it was fun, but the coming and going part is a pain in the butt. This is a picture of Galveston as we were puling in to port this morning.

Tomorrow will not be too bad of a day (I don't think, but the rest of the week is pretty packed. I will use tomorrow to do catch up and tie up some loose ends, and then it is back to it the rest of the week.

I am looking VERY forward to some celery and hummus.

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Saturday, August 18, 2018

2018 - Day 230/135 - Saturday...Increasing...

Full Disclosure: I was not lucky enough to see this sunset this evening, but one of OUR new friends, ADAM, took this photo and shared it with me, so I could share it with you. Adam and Elliot are new friends of lots of Texas REALTORS®, and their company was a generous supporter of the CRS programs that were presented on this cruise. They offer (you will get that later) a great product that I will soon be a subscriber of, and one that I expect will put more dollars into my pockets, and the pockets of my agents. If you want to know more about that, let me know. But I digress... Tonight is the last night of our Texas REALTORS® International Cruise (2018 Edition). Just about the time you get really comfortable with the new friends you have met, you have to go pack and put your bags out in the hallway outside your cabin. Kind of like the old Carol Burnett show...we're so glad we had this time...together. I have met some really nice people, made (what I think will be) some long-lasting friends, and also had a chance to learn more about and understand more about friends I already had. All I can say is, if you are thinking about taking one of these cruises with your colleagues, do it. Don't wait. The next cruise is scheduled for April 11th, and it will be a five day cruise. Quick, so you will just have to make friends more quickly. YOU CAN DO IT.

SO...I survived three different classes today, beginning at 8:30 and ending after 5 this afternoon. Lots of (more) really good information. Then there was a nice reception where thanks were shared with all the folks that worked so hard to coordinate all this, then we retired for some free time (R-Bar) before dinner.

And then the packing. I got done and set my bags out with 15 minutes to spare.

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Friday, August 17, 2018

2018 - Day 229/136 - Friday...Hmmm...

This is a photo of our penultimate dinner on the ship. Tomorrow will be our last night, and we will dock in Galveston on Sunday morning. It will be a mad dash to get off this boat, and find our luggage and the shuttles to our cars. From left to right in this photo, me (with the bunny ears), Candy, Mike, Adam, Elliott, Barbara and Carrie. There is also an unidentified server in the background, but I did not get her name. It has been fun to meet lots of new colleagues and made lots of new friends at the same time.

Okay, we are headed back to Galveston. It has been fun, and I still have three more classes to take tomorrow. That will be 25 hours of CE credits during this seven day cruise, and three trips to look at properties outside the US, as long as we were at it.

It will be an early (and long) day tomorrow, so that is it for tonight...

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2018 - Day 228/137 - Thursday...Whatever...

Today was a really, really, REALLY great day. Discounting the part of being kidnapped and held for ransom, it was all really okay! Many of you are aware that I have lived an extraordinary life, and that I consider myself quite the story teller. Well, today was just another chapter in the book of really very entertaining short stories. Interesting and entertaining stories do not need to be long and drawn out, short and quick to the punch line is better, ALWAYS! Okay, so here is the abridged version: We left for our property tours in Costa Maya and ran into problems with unionized cab drivers and our bus driver. We ended up taking cabs to our bus, at which time we were told the cab rides were $200US for each of the 13 cabs. The distance was about 3 or 4 miles, and we thought $120 was somewhat egregious, but they insisted. The folks in charged negotiated the fee down to $120 per cab, and then it was kind of a stalemate. To make this long story short, they settled for $20 per cab, and we were released to go on, but caution prevailed, and we returned to the port on the bus. There is a lot more to this story, but it is late and I am ready to go to sleep.

BUT, it did make for a great afternoon. I ended up having lunch with some really great friends, and we all laughed and had a great time, and that great time lasted well into the evening, and into the next day.

Good night!

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Wednesday, August 15, 2018

2018 - Day 227/138 - Wednesday...Undecided...

So, today was a pretty long day. Early rising, quick breakfast, then meeting at 7:30 and getting off the boat and onto a bus to go visit some properties in Roatan. We visited a development about 40 minutes away from where we docked (there are several docks for cruise ships in Roatan, it all depends on the weather conditions). The trip UP to the development was somewhat similar to the bus ride to the ruins at Machu Piccu, winding and steep. Once there, it was a lovely development, and after touring two properties and a beach club, we had a nice lunch and then there was an opportunity to rest for a while, or, in my case, take off your shoes and were into the water up to (about) your knees. I coerced Socar into joining me, and we now hove documentation of our feet in the water as well as a couple other photos to prove that we came and we did it! Done!

Tomorrow: Costa Maya (I think).

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Tuesday, August 14, 2018

2018 - Day 226/139 - Tuesday...Who Knows...

Okay, today I completed the second full day of classes on this ship. Two days of classes, two days of tests. Done. Tomorrow (and the two days after that) I will be taking property tours in three different cities. Tomorrow is Roatan, not sure where we will be on Thursday, but Friday will be Cozumel. Cozumel (I believe) is Spanish for 'there is a mall there'. I am not really sure what else is there, but I guess I will find that out on Friday. Then on Saturday, I will take two (maybe three) more classes. I'm not sure. One thing I am sure of, I over scheduled this cruise. Live and learn.

Otherwise, this cruise is pretty much like any conference I attend, except you don't really have to search to far for the bar that has corralled all your colleagues. They cannot get too far afield while on the ship.

So, it is time to call it a day, and tomorrow is going to be an early day...attendance will be called at 7:30. Ugh.

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