Wednesday, March 27, 2024

Volume 16 - Day 87/279, 2024 - Wednesday

Well, today did not turn out too much like I expectd it would. It started out like most days, we had a nice walk, and then I had a bit of breakfast, and then headed in to the office. I have one zoom scheduled for 10 o'clock, and another scheduled for 11:30. I decided to do the 10 o'clock call at home, and then I would go in to the office. The 10 o'clock lasted longer than I expected, so there was not enough time for me to get in to Austin before the next zoom started. The second zoom lasted until 1 o'clock, so it was really no use to go in to the office. Okay, no issue. I spent the rest of the afternoon doing a few things in the office at home, and a couple errands. There was a nap involved, too. By then, it was time to feed me and the girls, and then book club was tonight, too. Book club is always fun, and tonight was no exception. I think there were eight of us there, and this months book was The Secret Life of Sunflowers. I think it was pretty unanimous, we all liked the book, and we all learned some things abut Vincent that we had not been aware of previously. Next months book is The Little Old Lady Who Broke all the Rules. It sounds pretty fun. I still have about an hour to go on the book I am currently reading (listening to), and then I have another book in que before I start the Book Club Book. 

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