Friday, March 29, 2024

Volume 16 - Day 89/277, 2024 - Good Friday

It was kind of an ordinary Friday, started off with a nice walk with Paul and Richard. I left for the office about 9 o'clock, and there was absolutely nothing going on there. I do not think the phone rang more than twice while I was there. I got a few things done, and left a little after (or maybe before) noon. We shut the place down at 3PM, it was a quiet day. I made a couple stops on the way home, and made myself a pimento cheese flip for lunch. The girls and I have been outside three or four times since I got home, it is a really nice day, but a little humid and cloudy. Not sure what the temperature got up to this afternoon, but it was a top down kind of day, and that was nice. Tomorrow will be estate sales (there are three), then the girls are going to the beautiful parlor, then I have two or three more errands to run before calling it a day. This evening, I have gotten a burst of energy, and I am moving existing artwork around in the Curious House, and hanging new pieces that I have collected over the last couple months. It is definitely a net gain on art work, and maybe more tomorrow.

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