Saturday, October 31, 2015

2015 - Day 304/61 - Halloween!!!

Well, we ended the month with 12.31" of rain, all of which fell over two events of precipitation. Last weekend we had some rain, but as was previously reported, the ground was so dry and parched there was no run-off at all, it just soaked in where it hit. The rains of the last few days flowed...and flowed and flowed. Not so badly here (almost seven inches in the last two days), but further sound and now heading downstream it was pretty bad. Homes, cars, livestock, pumpkins damaged. Lives lost. Up here, the tanks are now holding pretty good levels of water, and the fields are wet. Too wet for planting, but that will fix itself soon enough. We are expecting more rain towards the middle of the first week of November (WHA???), so I guess this could actually mean that we should welcome El Nino with open arms and gaping gauges. For most of the day, it was cloudy and you would have bet money that it was going to rain, but nope...just clouds.

Hints of clearer skies as I took the girl dog for her walk and tomorrow is supposed to be very nice. The ratio is eat two pieces of candy for every piece you give out.

I have turned about half of the clocks back.

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Friday, October 30, 2015

2015 - Day 303/62 - Friday...

Let's start today's discussion with a couple questions, shall we gentle readers? Question Number One: True or False...Crickets float. Answer: True. Question Number Two: Multiple Choice...What would you like me to rant about this evening? A). Crickets B). Rain C). Frogs D). Crickets or E). All of the Above. Question Number Three: True or False...Consciously deciding to wear suede shoes because your penny loafers leak in wet weather it the stupidest thing I have ever done. Answer: False. Final Question (I'll take crickets for $2,000 Alec): Multiple Choice...If rain gauges and electronic weather stations were laxatives, we would be known (on the edge of nowhere) as? A). Carters Little Liver Pills B). Cod Liver Oil C). Milk of Magnesia D). Wink or E). None of the Above. The answer is D). Wink Martindale. Thank you all for playing. Yes, we have had a little bit of rain today, it started about 3 o'clock this morning and it is still at it. The sheer volume of the downfalls has kind of taken me by surprise, but maybe some of you were better prepared that I was. A few blocks from my office, it was reported that 13 cars were under water (not far from the What-A-Burger public shrine to all things caloric). I expected the waters to have receded by the time I was heading for home (early afternoon), but nope, still flooded. I found a zig-zag path out of town, and it kind of reminded me of a bad Peter Seller's movie. Out here on the edge of nowhere, it was not nearly as bad as 50 miles south, but we have had over 4.25" of rain since midnight. Here is a short video of one of the creeks near the house, I think this is Wilbarger Creek. If it is another creek, who cares?

In other news, crickets are driving me crazy. The squish of crickets when you put your foot into your boot (I have only done it once, and I don't recommend it). The squish of crickets when you walk or drive over them. The squish of crickets when the girl dog (finally) catches one of them and decides it was not as tasty as she had expected. Playful but not tasty. On another note, we have had so much rain today (how much rain have you had Johnny?)...we have had so much rain today that there was a frog seeking refuge on top of the water meter when I was trying to take my readings. I did my best not to disturb it, we shall check further on its condition tomorrow.

Fall back on Sunday night, I can hardly wait. Take a nap tomorrow if you get a chance.

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Thursday, October 29, 2015

2015 - Day 302/63 - Thursday...

I'm going to talk first about the end of the day today, and then I will talk about the beginning of the day down further in this journal entry. The day ended with an Affiliate Appreciation gathering at the Board of REALTORS®. It was a really good turnout (there are over 700 affiliate members at our board), and there were lots of our colleagues in attendance as well. It was a lot of fun, and it was a beautiful evening to be out on the terrace enjoying the view from the offices. This is a photo of me and Tutti, one of our affiliates, and we were both having a good time. I am not opposed to (but also not eager to) adorning my head with balloons, but the balloon hats and creations were a big hit. FUN CITY!

It was a busy day today. The day started with a memorial service for one of the Past Presidents of the Austin Board of REALTORS®, and the board headquarters. It was a very nice memorial for Reta, who was our volunteer leader in 1990, and a really good turnout of those that she touched and those that she encouraged over her years as a REALTOR®, mentor and all around good person. There was a lot of information shared about how important Reta was to our association, lots of things I was not aware of, so that was great, and her family appreciated us remembering her.

Tomorrow is Friday, and that is a good thing. The rains are expected to start (maybe) overnight, but at least by this time tomorrow night. It will make for good napping on Saturday.

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Wednesday, October 28, 2015

2015 - Day 301/64 - Wednesday...

I am always happy after a good rain when the rain lilies pop up. They are the surprise after a rain, kind of like getting the fortune cookie after a Chinese food carry out meal. Kind of a little piece of lagniappe (if you are from New Orleans or one of the parishes, you know what that is. Rain lilies are the pot of red gold at the end of the rainbow. The prize you get at the end of the race or the end of the ride. Something you knew about but forgot about but are happy to receive it. Rain lilies are kind of like getting the last piece of bacon during the family breakfast over the Holidays. Like finding another gift under the tree four days after you thought it was over. Rain lilies are good, simple, honest and under appreciated.

Update of the Chicken Killers: Not a peep. No responsibility. Not a word. No apology. Nothing.

But there are rain lilies, and that makes everything better.

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Tuesday, October 27, 2015

2015 - Day 300/65 - Tuesday...

This mornings sunrise was not a good harbinger of what the day was to bring, although every day is really a good day for me, the luckiest man in the world. Traffic congestion was not my friend this morning to begin with. It seems that we should have a net loss of commuters the way we have deadly wrecks and accidents (frequently in multiples) on a daily basis. In my experience, the crazier drivers are on the thoroughfares later in the mornings. The earlier I leave for Austin, the less traffic and congestion there seems to be. Am I the only one to figure that out. It seems like the odds would be the same based on statistics. Just because there are fewer people on the road should not really reduce the PERCENTAGE of idiots. The percentage of idiots on the road at any given time should be the same no matter what time of day it is, therefore, there should be wrecks on the roads at all times. I expect there should be wall-to-wall wrecks pretty consistently, and my only hope is to figure out how to fly a small aircraft that can land in very little space. I grew up in the 50's, we were supposed to have flying cars back in the 80's. What is taking so long.

The really bad part of the day is that our neighbors Great Pyrenees herding dogs killed four of our chickens this evening. I caught them in the act, but the neighbors discounted the fact that it was their dogs, that they have never been out of their fenced area (where they keep watch over the goats). Except I see them outside the fence a couple times a week, and I know where they escape the fence. I took a quick look in the coop this evening, and I am pretty sure that Vera was in there, unharmed.

I am pissed.

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Monday, October 26, 2015

2015 - Day 299/66 - Monday...

So, I guess this would be called a 'moon-set'. I do not know if I have ever heard of the moon setting and being referred to as a 'moon-set', but if there has not been that phrase connected to the waning (or setting) of the moon, then I hereby claim it as my word and/or phrase, and I fully expect to see it in the new words listing for 2016. At any rate, this is what I was greeted with this morning as I was going out to gather the morning paper and to free the chickens from their (corrected from there) captivity.

The girl cat ate all her ration of moist food and her dry food last night. I think the rainy weather caused her some challenges on the hunting for food front. Altogether, we recorded 6.6" of rain since Friday, so that is not too shabby. Other places got more, some got less, but we still had no accumulations in any of the tanks. Sometimes tank is still not a tank. We are supposed to get more rain this coming weekend, so we hope that will help.

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Sunday, October 25, 2015

2015 - Day 298/67 - Sunday...

This was another one of those days that, if I didn't know better, I would swear I was back in the lower peninsula of Michigan or in Northern Ohio. Cold, dreary, grey, cloudy, gloomy, damp...everything but the chemical pollutants of the plants and factories that surrounded the small city that I grew up in. I don't think the temperatures got out of the sixties today, and I know that is not really cold, but it kind of is for us. And the winds are coming at a pretty good clip out of the north as well. For the first time in a long time, we have had two days in a row of negative electricity use, thanks to our one lonely (working) wind turbine. I need to get the other turbine fixed, and I think I will work more diligently on that this week.

So far so good as days go. Jody and I both slept in pretty late this morning, and we were not really too motivated to do much. We did go in to Austin this afternoon, and Jody remarked that he was happy to see hills again. We have been out here in the flat lands too long, I need to make a note to take him in to the hill country more often.

The coming week will be relatively calm, although there are a series of meetings and appointments this week, but they are somewhat spread out. That will make things easier all around.

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Saturday, October 24, 2015

2015 - Day 297/68 - Saturday...

Well, it actually has rained some more, most of the day actually. Overnight, we collected 3.68" in the gauge, and we have (probably) about another inch-and-a-quarter and it is still raining. It is supposed to be finished raining by early tomorrow afternoon, so that is just about right for us. Anything more than that and we would all start complaining and moaning and groaning. No need for that. There is very little evidence of any more water in the tanks, the ground was so dry that it all went into the earth, but if we get some good soaking rains tonight into the morning, the tanks may rise a little bit. It seems that there was some rain over the watersheds, so the lakes will rise several feet, and that is a good thing. Jody and I went into Georgetown this afternoon, and went past one of the low-water crossings. There was just a little bit of rain going over the road, no roaring creeks out here.

Otherwise, all we did is sleep for most of the day. Nothing at all wrong with that if I do say so myself. I think Daylight Saving Time ends next Sunday, and it will not be soon enough for me. I am tired of doing everything in the dark, although it is dark outside right now, and a week from now it will be an hour earlier, so I have to get my head wrapped around this whole thing.

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Friday, October 23, 2015

2015 - Day 296/69 - Friday...

So this is what the table looks like on the second day of a two day retreat. Different table mates, just as messy (maybe a little bit less CDO) as the sharers on the previous day, and just as much fun, creaky chairs and all.

So far, we have received (in the last 24 hours or so) about 0.6" of rain in the official gauge. There has been rain all around us, and it was raining pretty heavily when I left Austin this afternoon, but so far just a nice little bit of rain accumulation. We are still supposed to be in for some rain, but I have my doubts about 20" accumulations. That would be just cray cray. The Circuit of the Americas had to suspend their practice runs this afternoon because the tracks were flooded, but it should be okay for the F1 race day on Sunday. There is a lot riding on that day, so I expect it will be okay. There have been lots of public events cancelled already, and I guess they are just playing wait and see before calling the UT game tomorrow (scheduled for about 11 a.m., I think).

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Thursday, October 22, 2015

2015 - Day 295/70 - Thursday...

So, this is one of the many forecasts of the rain totals we could (key word COULD) receive over the next several days. The forecasts range anywhere from five inches to over 20 inches. I cannot comprehend receiving 20 inches of rain over the next couple of days. I guess there will be some flooding, and I expect that the lake levels will rise somewhat. I am watching one newscast right now, and they just said their predictions are between 4 and 8 inches of rain between now and Sunday. Is this considered complaining? I don't really think this qualifies as complaining. Just reporting the speculation.

I am attending a two day retreat, so I am on high ground right now, but I will be going through a couple low water crossings tomorrow afternoon just about the time they say it will hit. We shall see what happens.

In the meantime, take ordinary precautions to make sure you are safe and dry, and let me know if there is anything you need.

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Wednesday, October 21, 2015

2015 - Day 294/71 - Wednesday...

THEY (I will elaborate further on who the THEY are) are still professing that it is still gonna happen, that we are DEFINITELY going to get a LOT of rain between now and Monday. That gives them (plus or minus) 120 hours to open up the skies and let the rains fall down. It is just after 7 pm here on the edge of nowhere, and it is almost black as pitch, and it was STILL black as pitch 12 hours ago when I was on my way to the office. Clouds and the tail end of daylight saving time are not a good combination (my sympathies to Bruce, our friend with the winter light box therapy routine). I have actually been involved with several different instances of rain TRACES today, the most frequent when I went out to the pastures to see if I could find a water leak, and yes, there is was to one of the cattle troughs. No sense in wasting perfectly good city water to a leak.

We will just have to wait and see. This time (or probably later) tomorrow, I hope to have something positive to report to you about the precipitation events we experienced.

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Tuesday, October 20, 2015

2015 - Day 293/72 - Tuesday...

I would really , REALLY appreciate it if you would all just shut up and just wait and see if it rains later in the week. The prognosticators (okay, some of them) are GUARANTEEING that we will have voluminous amounts of precipitation before the end of the weekend. Forecasts are anywhere from 80 to 100 percent chances of rain on Thursday and Friday, with rainfall totals equalling anywhere from 3 to 6 inches (this screen cap was from this morning). Just be quiet. The more you all talk about it, to greater my possibility of disappointment will become. I wonder, back in the old days (you know, when there was only black and white television) what a surprise it was when, out of the blue, it rained. We did not have time to prepare for it, to the best of my recollection. When I was a little kid (yes, those memories are sometimes more clear than last week) I would be surprised to wake up in the morning and find out it had snowed three or four feet. AND WE NEVER RAN OUT OF FOOD! How is that possible. I am having second thoughts about all this technology crap (said no one ever), and you cannot prove that I actually sleep with my iPhone. You can't prove that.

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Monday, October 19, 2015

2015 - Day 292/73 - Monday...

I pass this house almost every day of my life. At least 11 times per week I pass this house. Ever since we have lived on the edge of nowhere, this house has had a Christmas Tree in the front window. I the mornings, it is lit, I think it is just to get some light in the house. This house also SOLD this year, and the new owners have kept the tree up, and they keep it lit in the mornings. I have often threatened (myself) that I would stop and take a photo for the blog, but, since this is Texas, I have always erred on the side of caution, and that has served me well so far. BUT this morning I decided to stop and document the fact, and I was not shot or anything. I just appreciate that these folks (who live close to the edge of nowhere) and a sense of humor or just figure they will do whatever in the hell they want to do, and they don't really care what anyone else thinks. Bravo!

So, as Mondays go, this one is nothing to go down in the record books. A good day this morning in the office, taught two classes this afternoon. I tried my best to go and participate in early voting this morning, but the polls did not open until 8 am (when folks something like me) have to be at work, except this poll is in Williamson County, home of the largest retirement population (Sun City)
this side of Naples, whose base is awake at 4:30 am looking for something to do.

But I digress...

I did make it to vote this afternoon on the way home, so that is done. You're welcome.

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Sunday, October 18, 2015

2015 - Day 291/74 - Sunday...

As you (dear gentle readers) are all aware, generally speaking, I could give a rats ass about rat snakes. Or any other snakes for that matter. Live and let live is my motto. To each his own, is what I believe. I could care less who anybody (or anyThing) wants to marry, it is none of my business. Waste not, want not, you know? BUT, as you (gentle readers) are all well aware, if you mess with my nest eggs, I am gonna hunt you down and chop your head off and skin you back until I get my nest egg out of you. You can either die a slow, agonizing death (caused by that big nest egg eliminating the most basic of your body functions), or I can just get two or three pairs of lopping shears out of the shed and work you over until I find a pair that will actually do the trick. AND if you are stupid enough to get up in a tree on one of the coolest (I started to say coldest, but so far we have not seen any snow) mornings this fall, and since you are a snake and your metabolism slows down in cool weather, I can offer nothing but to exclaim YOU ARE AN IDIOT, EVEN IF YOU ARE A SNAKE. So much for that snake, I wise the snakes around here (in general) would just quit, and we would all be happy.

For those of you that are keeping track, there was no blog post (via Facebook) last night, due to technical difficulties. The blog did post on the web-site (, but all should be well this evening, I did a test post earlier today, and everything seemed to be back to normal.

Tomorrow is the start of early voting, so make sure you get out and vote, and especially for Props 1 and 7. If you live in Houston, there are three different Prop 1's, so make sure you vote for the right one.

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Saturday, October 17, 2015

2015 - Day 290/75 - Saturday...

I have been referring to this years fire as another Bastrop fire, when in reality it is a Smithville fire. Smithville is in Bastrop County, but it is about 10 miles or so future east (from us) than the actual city of Bastrop. Some areas that burned in 2011 have (once again) been razed this year, and I can certainly understand how those people are having a hard time coping with this double whammy. So far this year, about 90 homes have been destroyed, and I expect more than a few of those affected were not covered by insurance. There is still no definite cause for the fire being started, but it is thought that someone shredding grass (that means cutting grass on a large scale for you Aggies) started it. If the shredder (the grass cutting devices you see cutting large rights-of-way) hits a rock or something, it can cause a spark and that is all it takes. This plane came in yesterday and has been spreading fire retardant over the area, and the news reports are that the fire crews are now on offense instead of defense.

I can hardly wait to begin complaining about rain and cloudy weather. The high temperatures today were in the low 90s, but there is the possibility of rain beginning here next Thursday and continuing for a day or two. That will be good, but they need to quit talking about it now, so they don't jinx it.

Deeds, Actions, Changes, FIRE, Kindnesses, Whirled Peas, FUN!

Friday, October 16, 2015

2015 - Day 289/76 - Friday...

To be sure, the city limits of Austin do not have a monopoly on traffic accidents and congestion, BUT the further out of town you get, the less these commuter impediments wear me down personally. I took my usual route coming home this afternoon, and took my appointed exit with no idea that an 18 wheeled truck would by lying on its side between the exit and my turn. There was no traffic backed up, not even any local (or state) law enforcement in evidence. It is just as if this truck sort of slid off the highway, went sideways, had to roof of the cab ripped off and tow trucks arrived with giant balloons to help get it back up on its tires. Interesting. But there you have it.

I an recuperating nicely, thank you very much, and I think I will survive this plague of crap that decided to settle in my nasal passages. As much as I formerly (not sure of the reason right now) disliked the idea of ingesting Mucinex (I think it is their creepy commercials), I am now a believer. Not sure if it is the Mucinex or the Zyrtec, but I am happy to report that I am on the road to recovery. And a big should out to Lisa at my doctors office, who convinced me I was not afflicted with the plague, and that I should just do what she told me to do and go to bed.

Well played, Lisa.

I have enjoyed the extra sleep these last few days have afforded me, and I am looking forward to more convalescence tomorrow and Sunday. We are supposed to enjoy winds from the north (they are late) over the weekend, and high temperatures should only be in the LOWER 90s.

And Mikey is coming to visit in December.

Who could have possibly have had a better day than me?

Deeds, Actions, Changes, SIDEWAYS, Kindnesses, Whirled Peas, FUN!

Thursday, October 15, 2015

2015 - Day 288/77 - Thursday...

That cloud bank you see me heading toward in this photograph is not really a cloud bank. Well, I guess technically it is a cloud, but in this case, it is a cloud of smoke. Smoke from the Bastrop fires. I cannot really imagine what the folks in Bastrop are going through, four years ago the fires destroyed 1,600 homes (I think that was about 30% of Bastrop County's tax base, but don't quote me on that), and now there has not been that much damage to structures (I think 10 to 15 homes have been destroyed in the last several days), but it is incomprehensible to me that those folks are going through this again. AND, we have had record setting high temperatures three of the last four or five days. I guess really I should get all my facts straight before I start espousing statistics, but accuracy has never concerned me before, so why should I start now. Early this week it was 99 degrees (keep in mind this is the third week of October) and the last couple days is has not been cooler than 95 degrees for the high temperature. AND NO RAIN. There is rain forecast for the last week of October, but that is still another two weeks away. Really low humidity though (which is working IN FAVOR of the fires), yesterday the humidity was 11%. They swear that El Nino is still going to happen, but not until November or so.

Somebody needs to call in some favors.

I am still snotty and grumpy (is Snotty officially one of the Seven Dwarfs, and is is politically correct to say Dwarf?), and I came home from work a couple hours early today and immediately went to the blue chair and took a nap.

We shall see what tomorrow brings,


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Wednesday, October 14, 2015

2015 - Day 287/78 - Wednesday...

Today was the Austin Boards annual Realty Roundup, and it was a great trade show. I did not win any prizes (although I did try) but I did take away the consolation price, this old white Rolls Royce. Not really. This old car and I have a few things in common; we both look better from a distance, and particularly if you do not pay too much attention to details. Yessir, we have a lot in common.

Okay, in case you are wondering, I feel like crap, and not in a good way. The first in Bastrop County have covered Austin and it's neighboring communities in a thick layer of smoke, and it did not help my condition. I am back on the edge of nowhere, and I am pleased that the smoke has not found its way this far north, but we can see the smoke from the fires from the house, and we can see that smoke layer as well. It is pretty darned impressive, but not a good thing for our friends and neighbors to the south and east.

Deeds, Actions, Changes, OLD ROLLS, Kindnesses, Whirled Peas, FUN!

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

205 - Day 286/79 - Tuesday...

Carrie and I were break sponsors today at the Board of REALTORS®, and it seems there were ten or twelve other meetings going on at the same time. Parking was tight, and there was a Cadillac A*Hole parked in my charging spot, so I had to park on another level to access a charger. Take a look at this clown truck that decided to park next to me. HA! You know who you are!

I found some Vicks Sinex in a drawer last night, and that let me sleep. It was iffy there for a few minutes, but I made it to sleep with no real issues. I watched a little bit of the Fargo series last night, and I have to tell you, not only am I old, I am also too simple to figure out what the hell is going on in that program, except that there is a lot of blood, guts and inconsequential gore. Also, the local (Fargo) Police Department seems to be hardly phased by it all, and it only takes a few minutes for a crazy woman to convince her love interest (totally one sided on his part) that he should help her conceal a corpse that she killed (okay, it was an accident) and had lodged in the windshield of her car so they could continue a future together. Okay, I am lost already, and that was only five or ten minutes of the program I saw. And, but the way, just as soon as I clean up all this blood, you're invited to dinner next Thursday, and could you bring a nice Chardonnay? Cray cray...

Deeds, Actions, Changes, FARGO, Kindnesses, Whirled Peas, FUN!

Monday, October 12, 2015

2015 - Day 285/80 - Monday...

It's Monday, and so far I am not that thrilled with it. I either have really bad allergies or I have an upper respiratory infection. Someone I was with (not in the biblical sense) last week at all the TAR meetings reported today (via Facebook) that she has an upper respiratory virus, and that is just peachy. I do not have time for an upper respiratory virus, thank you very much. I hate having 'medicine head' but that is kind of how I felt all day...have you ever seen those commercials on tv? I know exactly what they are trying to portray. Whatever... But, the meetings I was in today went very well, and we got a lot of work accomplished. Good stuff.

Other than that, I do not have a lot to report. It is Monday after all.

Deeds, Actions, Changes, VIRI, Kindnesses, Whirled Peas, FUN!

Sunday, October 11, 2015

2015 - Day 284/81 - Sunday...

Earlier this spring, the allergens kicked my cute little ass, and I had to resort to taking some kind of pill for about two months. I am back on the little teeny tiny white pills, and I am suffering from the post-nasal drips. Every time I think of post nasal drips, I think of Judy Holiday in (either) The Bells Are Ringing or Guys and Dolls (I am gonna go with Guys and Dolls) singing about 'La Grip'. I am blaming the whole thing on the fact that we have not ha any rain in three or four years, and just to take the dog for a walk is a selfless act of courage. Walking from the house to the chicken coop raises enough dust that you cannot see the house, and if a car (Really? There are no cars out here, they are all Club Cab Pick-Ups) happened to go down the road, you get enough dust to build a dirt hut. Honestly, I cannot hold my breath that long.


This was a pretty typical Sunday, got up late, made coffee, read the paper, made a pile of eggs, power washed the front porch and the back patio (you cannot have anything party if you have chickens), and then cleaned out the chicken coop. The chickens are molting and NOT laying any eggs to speak of, we are average two eggs a day, from 21 chickens. One of the brown girls fell over dead the other day, it is the strangest ting about chickens. Life is short really does apply to them.

Deeds, Actions, Changes, ALLERGENS, Kindnesses, Whirled Peas, FUN!

Saturday, October 10, 2015

2015 - Day 283/82 - Saturday...

There is not a single soul in the world (okay, maybe I am exaggerating) that would have put money on Texas today against Oklahoma University (I think that is what OU stands for, but it sounds kind of stupid). But, here you have it, Texas came out on top 24 to 17. I don't really watch much football, but I guess I am a Texas fan, I have lived here for 30 years. I always feel that if I watch, I am bad luck for them, so I just watch bits and pieces. I did watch the last several minutes (which take a considerable time longer than whatever is left on the clock), and it was a pretty rewarding game for many involved. Probably not so much for the Oklahoma people, but it was okay for me. If you ever want time to stand still, just tune in to the last five minutes of any sport that is televised, and it takes about an hour for those five minutes to elapse. Bottom line, congratulations to Texas, and that coach guy looks like he will make it (at least) another week.

Otherwise, it was another ordinary Saturday out here on the edge of nowhere, life is good, and it gets dark really early and it gets light really late.

Deeds, Actions, Changes, SPORTS STUFF, Kindnesses, Whirled Peas, FUN!

Friday, October 9, 2015

2015 - Day 282/83 - Friday...

In spite of everything, in spite of the new legislation about vehicle inspection stickers, in spite of the fact that TxDot computers really DO NOT TRACK (currently) whether or not you have a current inspections sticker, in spite of the fact that I am totally CDO about renewing licenses and things early and in spite of the fact that I cannot wait until the last minute (as evidenced by the massive quantities of freeze dried emergency food supplies I have stashed here and there), in spite of the fact that every (okay not every) agency involved with the renewal of my various vehicles and road worthy accessories had a single mission (which was to deny my ability to get the truck license renewed), I have overcome these great and substantial obstacles and renewed the license plates on the farm truck. I also got new plates, as well, which was (IMHO) not necessary, since the plates on the truck AND the trailer were perfectly good, but I got new sets of plates for each.


I spent the day today in a 'train the trainer' class, reviewing the new TREC Legal 1 and Legal 2 classes that will become effective on January 1st. Since our state legislature meets every two years, our real estate rules and regulations can change as a result of those legislative years, and we then need to update our mandatory continuing education. NOTE TO SELF: Refrain from the use of the word 'heretofore'. You don't need to know why, just do what I tell you.

And so it is now Friday evening, and I need to wrap this up just in case 'Shark Tank' is actually on the tv. Weekend plans are pretty much as expected, sleep, nap, eat, catch up all the stuff I did not have time to get done in the previous week.

Deeds, Actions, Changes, SPITE, Kindnesses, Whirled Peas, FUN!

Thursday, October 8, 2015

2015 - Day 281/84 - Thursday...

I met Representative Joe Pickett several years ago (when you get to be my age, 5 or 6 years is considered several), and I always liked him, and always liked to listen to him. We have shared stories on planes (and I have no reason to believe he remembers that, we were on our way back from Scottsdale earlier this year), and talked briefly whenever our paths crossed. Today, the paths crossed (first) in the 'secret men's room' at the Hyatt. If you did not know there was a 'secret' set of restrooms at the Hyatt, you have not spent enough time at the Hyatt. So anyway, we talked for a couple minutes in the men's room, then we ran into each other again upstairs. He was the speaker at our luncheon this afternoon (Dan Patrick, the Lieutenant Governor of Texas spoke to us in the morning), and during his remarks he called me out (jokingly) about something, but he was not aware that I would be at the podium after him, and would get my chance at him. Anyway, when he made that realization, he jumped up and took off his coat, loosened his tie and was ready for a brawl. It was a lot of fun, and we both enjoyed it. He is a good guy, and he is a REALTOR®, so it was really fun to take a couple 'swings' at each other, back and forth. Photo credit to Dahlia, even though she has not yet granted me a license to use it. I may have to take it down for fear of retaliation!

Thanks to all of you for pointing out that my numerical count in last night's journal was incorrect. Complain all you want, but it was not worth fixing, and I honestly think maybe you put too much into this daily gig. I am pretty sure, however, that I am back on track, and you can take this numerical reference to the bank, but don't tell them I sent you, I have my own challenges.

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Wednesday, October 7, 2015

2015 - Day 280/86 - Wednesday...

So, once again, the days are going by in a blur. And I think there is something in the water in downtown Austin, causing an unexplained swelling and reddening of the tissues immediately surrounding and including the 'lip' area of the human body. I have not been able to document whether or not the fungus or renegade allergen has affected any other body parts, but there was plenty of documentation of the affects of the facial 'lip' area at the PAC orientation that has been going on for the last two days, and continues for the next two days. My portion of the training will conclude after lunch tomorrow, and then it will be back to work.

I have an appointment late tomorrow afternoon, and early appointments on Friday, and then it will be time for the weekend.


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Tuesday, October 6, 2015

2015 - Day 279/86 - Tuesday...

Okay, so I don't know where you guys all like to eat on a quiet Tuesday evening, but I prefer some small, out-of-the-way place in downtown Austin where NOBODY knows my name, and the uniforms are a little bit revealing. And the company is conservative (you know who you are) and the jokes are totally inappropriate (okay, that was me), The company was swell, and I think we all got to know a little bit more about each other, and we all shared some totally inappropriate (okay, that was n=me again) stories about our experiences as volunteer servants. There was teensy bit of wine, and then maybe a little bit more wine, and then there was some food, and then there were more inappropriate stories (okay, you know the drill here), and then there was dessert and then we left. The stocking were a good start to the evening, and I would do it all over again. It was (honestly) a blast, and I met some new friends that I can extort for TREPAC investments in the near future. What could be better?

Today was a pretty darned full day of TAR (Texas Association of REALTORS®) meetings for the Political Action Committee Trustees and the Political Involvement Committee volunteers. I am totally in for these meetings, and there were representatives from eleven other states coming to see how we go about meeting our goals and quotas. Again, lots of good information, lots of GREAT camaraderie, and lots of fun.

Tomorrow will be another fun day, more folks, more fun, more information, more learning.

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Monday, October 5, 2015

2015 - Day 278/87 - Monday...

Just in case you missed one of the previously posted Facebook stati (or should it be statuses? I think I like stati better), I thought I would share this one with you. Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful. And it got better and better from the first I saw it, all the way to my first traffic jam on IH-35 going in to town. Traffic in this area is totally out of control. There have been almost 90 traffic deaths in central Texas (Austin) this year, and there were two or three more just today. INSANE I tell you, insane. There is hardly a time of day that you cannot expect to be held up (yes, robbed) in traffic. The only redeeming factor in all that congestion and delay is that when you are not moving, you can check your e-mail, check your Facebook page, make a move on Words with Friends, or compose the next chapter of the novel you had been putting off until you found the right time and inspiration (perspiration?).

Whatever. While you are stopped in traffic you can pay attention to all the things around you, like to women applying make up, the man in the silver Hyundai with the Kleenex compression packet hanging out of his nose (that was yesterday, no time for a photo), or the various pieces of furniture and bedding that has flown out of the back of pickup trucks (a result of poor attendance at the high school physics class). Between the edge of nowhere and the office, we could furnish a three bedroom apartment, assuming we had the money to buy that much Old English Polish.

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Sunday, October 4, 2015

2015 - Day 277/88 - Sunday...

This pretty little coral yucca bloom was in evidence up by the road. I thought it was unusual that it was blooming this late in the year, but the (comparatively speaking) cooler weather has a tendency to fake out many of the plants into thinking it is spring time once again. There is a forecast of rain coming in on Friday of next week, and that will totally get things confused. There are cracks in the ground, cracks in the road beds, cracks all over. This coral yucca has certainly not received any water or moisture since the first of June, but that is why yuccas do well in this semi-arid climate. Yuccas and cactus to name a few. BUT, with any luck, the prognosticators will get it right, and we will have some rain soon, and then El Nino will kick in. Yippee!

And tomorrow is the start of another work week. Today was relatively expected, as Sunday's go. Slept late, made breakfast, read the paper, sat in the office doing things I did not have time to do during the LAST work week. I showed property, went by the office, got aggravated by the freaks that re populating the city right now. I understand it is a financial windfall to the city in many ways other than the actual transfer of money. Pretty much everyone knows or has heard of Austin, Texas. I remember in the late 70s I had heard of Austin, and I thought it would be neat to live here one day, even though I had never been here. As it turned out (and turns out) I have now lived in central Texas longer than I have lived anywhere else during my considerable number of year. It will be 30 years this month. I just wrote 'it will be thirty years in October' and then I realized it is October.

See how the time flies?

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Saturday, October 3, 2015

2015 - Day 276/89 - Saturday...

Last night after the girl dog and I went for our walk (it is really getting ark really early lately), we put the girl chickens to bed, and I prepared the girl cat her plate. After I opened the can of moist food (she gets 1/3 of a can per night, along with a dry food chaser), I was cleaning the top of the cat food can and SLICED my right thumb on the sharp edge. Just typing that now is making muscles on various parts of my body contract. The fact that I can tell that is somewhat surprising too, since I have so few muscles left amidst all the fat. But I digress...  There was not a lot of blood, but considerable throbbing and dangling pieces of skin (which I cannot help but wort until I make it worse, and most likely infected). Not too bad, but it is in one of those spots that no matter what you do, that section of skin on that particular place on the thumb is always in play, flexing, pulling, separating, bleeding. Blah. But I continue to digress... This is about the girl cat and not my future workers compensation claim (I just need to remember the name of the ambulance chasing lawyer I see on the tube every night), and I thought you would like to see this photo of her. She is doing well, I must say...

Interestingly, they are screwing with the program on the web-site I use to post my daily journals. That along with anything else that CHANGES from what I am used to, with no instructions or notifications, is kind of disquieting for me. But, I will find work-arounds like I usually do, just because I do not drive a car PROPERLY does not mean I cannot get from point a to point b. But notification that a detour has been initiated ahead is always a comforting advisement, and helps one prepare for the turns and potholes anticipated. Two nights ago was bad, last night was better, and so far tonight I cannot remember which buttons I pushed to make it yield to my will. But, if pushing buttons is all it takes, I can do that.

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Friday, October 2, 2015

2015 - Day 275/90 - Friday...

It is the first day of the first weekend of the ACL Fest, and as usual, the city is FULL O' FREAKS. It all started about two weeks ago, the first little trickle of freaks (and the great unwashed) began to populate the environs near our offices. There were little signs that became more and more apparent as the days passed; people having no clue where they are going, people looking up, pointing and falling down, people (if you want to call them that) standing in line for an hour across the street from our office to get a badly put together taco from the Starbucks of the taco trailer industry. Over the last couple of days, the proliferation of pedi-cabs has come back to life, kind of like the 17 year locusts. These pedi-cabs must hibernate underground somewhere (Interspace Caverns?), and then at the first hint of boozed-up visitors with loose wallets, they (the pride-cabs) awaken from their sleep and swarm the streets and bridges (and paths) of downtown. This should be a pretty good weekend, better (anyway) than next weekend. Dry skies, cooling into the 60s overnight, and low humidity. Next weekend is supposed to be hot and rainy. Mud is a traditional draw over the ACL weekends. I will do my best to avoid the area over the next couple days, and will be back on Monday. In my own little acknowledgement of the occasion, I offer this photo of my try to fit in. I don't think it is working, but really, I don't give a crap!

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Thursday, October 1, 2015

2015 - Day 274/91 - Thursday...

I don't know about the rest of you, but I spent part of the morning considering the afterlife and whether or not (when all is tallied up) whether I had done more good than bad. It is kind of neck-and-neck right now, I have to admit, but there may still be time left for me to redeem myself. Then again, maybe not. It is not everyday that I am summoned by a higher power (or two or three or four) and coerced into donning angelic garb. I think the halo was actually the best part, but the whole thing was kind of fun. If I make it to next week, I will let you in on the gig.
Not a bad day overall, I am somewhat numbed by the commute back and forth, and it is really an exceptional day if there are no traffic concerns. I had barely started the commute when I was confronted by the first of TWO wrecks. It seems most of them concern 18 wheeled vehicles. It would be interesting if someone could do a study on the proliferation of Facebook accounts and the number of traffic accidents (deaths?), and if the graphing of the two pieces of information followed a similar incline. Just a thought.

Tomorrow is the end of the work week, and it is the first day of the first weekend of Austin City Limits. Is it too early to exclaim "the city is full o' freaks?" I think not.

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