Wednesday, November 30, 2022

Volume 14 - Day 334/31, 2022 - Wednesday

It was a solo walk this morning; Jay is in Washington state and Dick had an early morning appointment. I left the house early and got home early, and I took a path that we don't always take. In the last few months, the subdivision has worked on some of the trails in the neighborhood, and Jay and I walked this trail once after they had finished. I walked it again this morning, and I really like the diversion and the different point of view it provides. I had thought this detour was a little bit shorter than our usual route, but it seems it is a little bit longer. Either way, it was interesting, and I will encourage Dick to take that route tomorrow morning. Since I walked early, I left the house early and went in to the office. I have been working on an update to some information we include with our lease listings. It had not been updated for four or five years, so it was time. I condensed it and made some necessary corrections, so I got that finished this morning. I had an appointment in the office, and then left for home at about 2 o'clock. I stopped at Little Cesar's and brought home a pizza. It is only the second or third time I have been to Little Cesar's, so I don't really know the protocol, but it seems that if I want a deep dish ready-to-go pizza, I need to be there between 4 and 8 PM. Tonight is book club night, and it will be fun to meet at Dick and Marge's house for some good conversation. 

Tuesday, November 29, 2022

Volume 14 - Day 333/32, 2022 - Tuesday

It was another top down kind of day today in central Texas. The last I paid attention, it was 82 degrees. The high temperature for tomorrow is expected to be about 25 degrees cooler than today, and windy. WINDY. Blown away windy. There were only three of the ROMEOs at breakfast this morning, me, Richard and Jack. Jay was on his way to Vancouver, WA or Portland, OR...I'm not exactly sure where the airport is. He and Deb were plagued with delays, missed connecting flights, and interminable first world inconveniences. Stuff we cannot control are the most frustrating. We ordered Chinese food for lunch today at the office. I should have ordered Sesame Chicken but I ordered Sweet and Sour Chicken instead. I won't make that mistake again. On the way home, I had a 2 o'clock appointment, and that was pretty good. Fun folks. The neighborhood is starting to look pretty festive. This photo is Mo and Jo's house on the corner, I think you can see it from the space shuttle. 

Monday, November 28, 2022

Volume 14 - Day 332/33, 2022 - Monday

What a beautiful day it was today in central Texas. It was a bit chilly this morning, but the afternoon high was about 78 degrees. It was so nice, I left the top down on the little white car, turned the heat on, and drove in to Austin. I will do the same thing tomorrow, it is supposed to be another beautiful day, but then a cold front comes in on Wednesday, but it warms back up for the weekend. There were not any fires to be put out in the office after the long weekend, and that is always a good thing. Pretty much an ordinary day, which is another thing I like. I left the office about 2, stopped at the pharmacy and headed home. There was a wreck on the way in this morning, in the toll lane, which is kind of interesting. It had traffic backed up for a way, and I could hear the flashing lights and see the sirens (or vice versa). When I was in high school, there was a line in a play I was in...the line was 'this cabin is made out of driftwood and fish hooks,' and the guy whose line it was always said 'fishwood and drift hooks.' Isn't it interesting the things we remember. I wonder if that is a sign of something to come? I am happy that the Christmas Cactus in the bathroom is getting ready to bloom, right on schedule!

Sunday, November 27, 2022

Volume 14 - Day 321/34, 2022 - Sunday

When the four-day Holiday weekend began, I had 14 items on my list of chores that I wanted to get checked off. As of the posting of this journal entry, I still have two items left, and I will carry those two items over to my next list, and I will keep doing that until I get them checked off, too. The day started off with our morning walk, and it was a lovely morning. For the first time in several days, there was a beautiful sunrise, which made for a great shadow photo-op. I had a couple appointments this afternoon, and on the way home, I stopped at McDonald's for a Filet-O-Fish Meal and an extra Filet-O-Fish. Now, I am watching a documentary Super Size Me, about a guy that ate at McDonald's three times a day for a month, and all the stuff that happened to him, health wise. I don't think this is going to end well, but there you have it. I also watched the latest 60 Minutes a while ago, and I am convinced that the only reason I have survived is because I am friendly. Friendly and fat, it is kind of an oxymoron for life in Texas. I have a pretty light schedule this week coming, and that is not a bad thing.

Saturday, November 26, 2022

Volume 14 - Day 330/35, 2022 - Saturday

Not a bad day at all today. A nice walk in the morning, and then a little bit of nothing for a while. Deb and I went to one estate sale, and I spent a few dollars on a couple (3) things that I absolutely needed. Then home. Then I was off to the battery store, to get some batteries for the two alarm pads. They did not have them. So, I ordered them from Amazon. I don't know why I go anywhere anymore for shopping. I have not yet ordered groceries on line, and I will know that I have been defeated when that happens. I guess it is inevitable, but I will resist it as long as I can. I invited the neighbors over for wine this evening, and it was a lot of fun. We have not gathered for wine in a while, and it was nice to visit. One thing I like, we begin at 7 and we end at 9. Not 9:01. 9! I am not sure what all tomorrow will bring, I do have appointments beginning at 1 o'clock tomorrow afternoon. We are expecting the temperatures to be near 80 degrees next week, then another cold snap. Texas!

Friday, November 25, 2022

Volume 14 - Day 329/36, 2022 - Black Friday

I did not buy anything today, I think that makes two days in a row. It is not all my fault, though. I did go into Georgetown for a couple things: I had a load of things to take to Goodwill, and then I wanted to stop at Diva on the square, just to see what they had. I saw something there last year that I should have bought, and when I went back about a week later, it was sold. I spoke with someone, and they will not be stocking it this year. Boo. Sorry, wrong Holiday. It has been another day of dribbling rain, and it is supposed to rain heavily overnight. We should end November with a respectable amount of rain, but we are still about ten inches behind where we should be this year. The neighborhood is starting to look pretty festive, and it is good to see the colored lights amidst the rain and fog. There is one estate sale to attend tomorrow, and I will be matter what!

Thursday, November 24, 2022

Volume 14 - Day 328/37, 2022 - Thanksgiving Day

And so this is how it all started. Egg Loaf. The girls and I had a nice egg loaf for breakfast, and I included half of an apple fritter, just to note the special occasion. But I am getting ahead of myself. Jay and Dick and I met for our walk this morning, and I thought I noticed a couple lightning flashes, but could not be sure. By the time Jay and Ginger got out, it was raining a bit more heavily, there was lightning and thunder. So, the walk was cancelled. That is when I did the egg loaf. After egg loaf, I went down for a nap. Off-and-on naps throughout the day, with bursts of energy interspersed just to keep things interesting. I am actually reading a book, and it is on my list to get done over the long weekend. I am about a third of the way through it, and it is pretty interesting. The Paris Apartment. So far the longest chapter has been about five pages, which in itself is pretty interesting. I also gathered up more things to take to Goodwill tomorrow, and now I have about a thousand coat hangers to deal with. I had brisket and pork ribs for dinner this afternoon, and I went to Jay and Deb's tonight to watch a movie. All-in-all a good Thanksgiving, being by myself for the most part, and really enjoying the day. It was good. I have a couple things I want to do tomorrow, and it will be another good day!