Saturday, April 30, 2016

2016 - Day 121/245 - Saturday...

Welcome to the last day of April (already), 2016...

Today's letter is M. I have come to appreciate and to embrace the difference between 'manicuring' the lawn and 'mowing' the grass. I have never (maybe I did) really thought of myself as the lawn 'manicuring type. Okay, maybe when I was a kid growing up in Michigan, when I wanted my dad to appreciate the job I did, and thought I would cut the grass the way the did at Briggs Stadium in Detroit. I have to admit, I did a pretty good job. Not so much any more. I get as close to the trees and the flower beds as I can without actually trying too hard, and that is good enough. And then there are the chickens. Following along with today's theme, I wish they were smart enough to comprehend the connections between 'machinery' and 'mortality'. I don't think they can really grasp that, because there entire days are spent chasing bugs, and the riding lawn mower tends to stir up some bugs, and so they kind of associate 'machinery' with 'meals'. I fear one of these days, we will be one chicken short because there was a cricket or spider between the 'mower' and the 'meal'. We shall see. Until then, however, please enjoy this photo of a cactus blossom that is out front. It is about that time of year, and the cacti are covered with buds just waiting to burst forth.

Another night of PBS and the National Parks documentary. We are five nights in to this, and we can't turn back now. As far as I know, this will be the last night, and this is the reason that I very seldom get involved with serial television. I can very seldom make that kind of a commitment, so I just pass.

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Friday, April 29, 2016

2016 - Day 120/246 - Friday...

Last night during the storm (we received 0.11" of rain in the gauge, and the storm lasted about three hours), the girl dog decided that discretion was the better part of valor, and got under the covers in bed with me. She is a long-haired girl, and it was hot under the covers, so in addition to panting because of the anxiety I assumed she was panting because she was hot, so I lifted the covers just enough so her nose would stick out, assuming that that air would be cooler than the air under the covers and it would be helpful. Who knows, but that is what I did and that was the rationale. She did not croak from heat exhaustion, she did not croak from fear, but he also did not go outside for about 12 hours. Obviously, fear also contracts the sphincters (do dogs have as many as people?), so that was a good thing, but she was indeed ready to venture outside early this morning.

It's Friday, Jody and I have watched four nights in a row of the National Parks documentary on PBS, so we are too far into it not to watch the one tonight. How long is this documentary? Whatever the duration, we are in...we've gone too far, we have to see this thing through until the end.

Tomorrow we are going to see Chip and JoJo.

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Thursday, April 28, 2016

2016 - Day 119/247 - Thursday...

This is what is happening across the street from the house, the waves of grain are turning amber. All around, the wheat is ALMOST ready to be harvested, and it is always an interesting thing to watch the maturing of the crops (no matter if it is wheat, corn, milo, sorghum or beans) and try to figure out the rationale of what, when and how. When it is breezy, the 'waves' are really interesting to watch, and then, the next thing you know, it is gone. There are areas out here where the corn will soon obstruct my view, and I will actually have to stop at the intersections to make sure I don't crash in to another vehicle. Soon, some of the corn will be so high that you can forget there are houses back in there, and I think it would be interesting to live back there, because you actually become lost in it, kind of like 'Children of the Corn'. Okay, maybe not that creepy.

A good day for a Thursday, got some great work done in the office and attended to EXCEPTIONAL meetings at the Board. Lots of good work done, lots of good planning, lots of satisfaction.

We will see how it all works out.

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Wednesday, April 27, 2016

2016 - Day 118/248 - Wednesday...

Notice: Due to circumstances I chose NOT to control, there was no journal post last night. I think it was very therapeutic for me not to obsess over it, and just accept the fact that it was not going to happen. It could have happened, but it didn't happen, and that is all there is to it. I could have, at great effort and a lot of trouble made it happen, but I chose to let it go. And now I find I have something totally different to obsess over, that being this explanation that I chose not to go to a lot of trouble to complete the journal last night. First time in (what?) seven years. But there you have it.

Barney the Cat has found a nice place to survey the situation. As I was going out last night (when I was not obsessing over not completing a journal entry, see above paragraph) to put the girls to bed, there was Barney, perched on top of the trellis where the morning glories used to be, and have been replaced by two climbing roses. He was a contented cat, and remained there while I put the girls to bed, went inside the house and got my phone, and came back out to take several photos for posterity.

When it came time to put some moist food out for the phalanx of felines that frequent the area (that has a nice ring to it; phalanx, feline, frequent), he simply moved over on the trellis a bit so he could see what I was doing, and see that the grey cat was beating him to the chow line. Interesting.

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Monday, April 25, 2016

2016 - Day 116/250 - Monday...

I did my second distance education class today, and it was better than the first. I was more calm, I was sitting down, there were not as many lights, and I inter-acted more with the folks in attendance. There were folks there from eight different boards across the state, from Odessa to north of Waco, from Wichita Falls to Bastrop. It was good, and in the end, I think there was some good information shared. I will keep doing this (I think I have eleven more classes scheduled this year), and I think each time I do it will be easier. My real challenge is, I am not a sit down or stand up kind of guy. I like to move around and mix-it-up with the learners. BUT, I was MUCH BETTER today with involving the folks attending, so I am happy about that. Pretty much, it was the Bill & Casey show, and I have no problem with that!

Otherwise, it was a day of trying to juggle appointments, reschedule appointments because other appointments took longer than I had planned for, and just a normal Monday for many of us in the real estate profession. I did manage to keep on top of everything, and I am happy about that. We will see what tomorrow brings.

I am not as strung out schedule wise tomorrow as I am today, and that is good. I think everything will work out.

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Sunday, April 24, 2016

2016 - Day 115/251 - Sunday...

I have never seen clouds like this. I was walking out to put the girls to bed and called Jody to take a look at it. He thinks it might be some kind of vapor trails, but neither one of us knows. It was interesting, that is for sure.

I got everything on my 'To Done' list accomplished today, including some additions that were not on the original list. Overall, the weekend was a really successful one, and the new work week will start off just great, pretty much caught up with everything!

We were expecting rain today, that is why I started cutting grass yesterday, and had left Sunday for working on paper work and stuff like that. No rain, but they are now forecasting rain for the middle of the week, we will still take whatever we can get, we just don't need it all to fall to earth on the same day. Spread out a little bit will be tremendously helpful.

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Saturday, April 23, 2016

2016 - Day 14/252 - Saturday...

This is a photograph of Candy, Mike, Me and Jody at their new house this afternoon. Okay, well, maybe not really, but this box was there at the same time we were all together, but I forgot to take a group photo, so just kind of squeeze your eyes together and kind of pretend that we were all there sitting around the breakfast room table, sharing a variety of Big Boxes and sodas, and enjoying their pride at their new home. It was great.

This morning I made my 'To Done' list, and there were/are six things on the list. I have completed (net) three of them. Two were completely completed, two others were partially completed, and two have not even been considered yet. However, in my own defense, there is still tomorrow, and I am a firm believer in pacing myself. I did get other things (not on the list) completed, so if I were to add those to the list, just for the satisfaction of crossing them off the list, my completion rate percentage would (perhaps) be through the roof. It could be huge! Whatever...

Tomorrow will be here soon enough, and I expect that by the end of that day, I will have completely crossed at least five things 'en toto' (is that Latin?) o
ff that list.


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Friday, April 22, 2016

2016 - Day 113/253 - Friday...

I stayed in Austin last night. I assumed that getting onto MoPac at 9:30 would not cause any issues, but I was mistaken. It took me almost 45 minutes to go 4.7 miles. One lane going north caused considerable challenges. I never realized that the citizenry of central Texas were so enamored of their horns. The certainly know how to blow, which reminds me of a joke, but I must remember that this is a PG rated journal. Anyhoo... Once I arrived at the condo with my bag from What-A-Burger, I was greeted on the stoop by this guy (allegedly a guy, it is hard to tell in the dark). It seems this was a city frog (as opposed to the frog that is generally sitting on the water meter at the edge of nowhere). He was in no hurry to go away, I suspect he was casing the joint for a return trip to breach the security and commit a crime. I have his photo though, so that should give the local constabularies the info they will require to put out an APB.

As Fridays' go, this one was okay. Started the day at the Board, meeting new members, and then off to the office where I got some good stuff done, and then home by way of Costco.

What did you do on your Friday?

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Thursday, April 21, 2016

2016 - Day 112/254 - Thursday...

This evening I attended the annual Central Texas Commercial Association of REALTORS® (CTCAR) TREPAC fundraising boat ride on Lady Bird Lake (fka Town Lake). It is always a great event, and tonight was a perfect night to be on the lake, enjoy the scenery and especially the bats. It is always a treat to be out on the lake. I have lived here for 31 years, and there are things about Austin and central Texas that I have not experienced, but I have enjoyed the lake from several different venues and perspectives. Austin is a great place to be, and thanks to CTCAR for another great event!

I think it is very interesting that my 'extraction' has caused me no issues whatsoever. No pain, no pain pills, nothing. Today it was just like nothing happened. It is a little bit tender when I forget and try to chew on that side, but other than that, no issues. I will keep my fingers crossed and hope it keeps going that way.

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Wednesday, April 20, 2016

2016 - Day 110/256 - Wednesday...

It seems that the theme for the day is 'how to share TOO MUCH INFORMATION on social media while blaming the whole thing on medically supervised (the worst kind) drugs. Not really even good drugs. And as long as I am on the theme, I am going to take full advantage of it. To be clear; I DID INHALE. My appointment was at 9 AM, and I was asked to be there at 8:45 to sign the paperwork that I had completed on line. I was there early, but I did not go in the door until 1 minute before I was due. There was so much counseling and explaining and caring that I finally confirm with them that their intention was to extract the tooth TODAY. I had made it perfectly clear during the telephone consultation and appointment making process that, no I did not want to have a consult on one day and then come back another day for the procedure. If you can actually get me into the office on a chosen date, you need to have your way with me because the odds of me returning diminish greatly if I am given extra time to make excuses. But FINALLY I was seated in the special chair, with that thing (see earlier Facebook posts) strapped to my nose, and I began to feel better. The doctor was in and out of that room in less than three minutes, and I left about 2 hours after I arrived. So far, no extraordinary pain. I cooked a pile of eggs for me and Jody to have for dinner, and I believe there is some ice cream in my (very) near future.

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Tuesday, April 19, 2016

2016 - Day 110/256 - Tuesday...

It's a pet chicken kind of day here on the edge of nowhere. In case you are a newcomer to this journal, Vera is my pet chicken, one of the original girls. Vera is getting old; her days of organizing the other girls to 'stand up to the man' are pretty much beyond her, but she is still open to some petting and promotion of her varied causes. Vera is the main girl in the coop, and she will not hesitate to let the other girls know if they have done something to earn demerits. She is a strict disciplinarian (I think she comes from Methodist stock), but she is fair and usually not foul (fowl! get it?). Anyways...

We have not had much more rain since I last reported, the central Texas area really missed the bullet with this storm. It is humid, the grass is high (the cattle are not complaining), and I will be playing catch-up for weeks and weeks to come.

Tomorrow is another day.

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Monday, April 18, 2016

2016 - Day 109/257 - Monday...

So far, we have all survived. Interestingly, we only received 2.79" of rain since my last report. That is nothing compared to some areas around us, reporting ten to fourteen inches of rain. It is still raining in Houston, and it is supposed to rain a little more here this evening. Right now there is about a half-inch of rain in the gauge, and we will take it. There was actually some sunshine today, between the rain and the clouds. There are lots of interesting things between here and the Interstate, and my daily commutes have taken a new path, based entirely on our county's casual attitude towards road maintenance. I won't mention the county for fear of retaliation, but the county's initials are Williamson County. They put dirt and six inch rocks on our road last week or so, and then they came (after a few days) with what I can only describe as a 'steam-roller', but I doubt those things still exist. Then the rains came, and it is like taking a slip & slide out to the other road. Then there is County Road 972, which they resurfaced (twice) in the last year or so. Twice because they couldn't get it right the first time. This time, they have dug up about 3 or 4 miles of the road to widen it, and that is another mud pit after the rains. But I digress...where was I? Oh yes, interesting things on the way to the Interstate. I am not sure if this is a llama or an alpaca, but we admire him every time we go down 1105. He is very attentive, and today I stopped to say hello to him, and asked permission to take a photo. He was not thrilled, but I did get a couple shots.

One good thing about the rains, traffic was pretty good this morning on the way in. I got word of a wreck in time to avoid it, and the entire drive took me just over an hour even though I added an extra ten miles to my commute.


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Sunday, April 17, 2016

2016 - Day 108/258 - Sunday...

It's raining. A lot. It has been raining most of the day (and a lot of yesterday). It is going to rain every day this week. It is all everyone is talking about. it is all everyone will be talking about. My rainfall puts your rainfall to shame (not really). Rained enough for you? How hard is it raining at your house? Did you see the radar streaming? It looks really bad. Man, that was a loud thunder clap. Did you see that lightning? It looked like it was right in the back yard. I think we need to send that one in to the news. Chickens don't think. Why don't they go in the coop? Have you seen the cattle? Are the roads closed? Turn around, don't drown. Get off the phone. Should I unplug the computer? Is there water in the shelter? Yep, there are flash flood warnings everywhere. Six inches in Bastrop county. Wimberley is under a flash flood watch again. Lawn lake is back. A flood gate is open on the Tom Miller dam. Lake Travis is up 4" since this morning. They may have to open a flood gate for the first time in over nine years. I wonder if they still work? Traffic will suck tomorrow. Will the meeting be called off? I hate showing property in the rain. They cancelled the second day of the MS150 because of the rain. It's supposed to be really bad later. Albert said it will get worse before it gets better.

I couldn't read the water meter because there was a frog seeking refuge. Let sleeping frogs lie.

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Saturday, April 16, 2016

2016 - Day 107/259 - Saturday...

It has been gloomy and grey and overcast all day today, a perfect day to do as little as possible. So far, even though the chances of any rain today were slim to none, we did record 0.05" in the gauge, and it has spritzed most of the day. Over the next two or three days, we expect to get 3 or 4 inches of rain, and they are predicting more in isolated areas, so we will wait and see. I do think the winds and rains will damage the blooms of Iris that we have now, so I thought I would take a picture of these by the garage, I have always liked these particular blooms.

I did go and retrieve the riding lawn mower this morning, and I did cut the grass in the front between the house and the bamboo. Recently I have been cutting that grass with the walk-behind mower, and what had taken a couple hours was done in less than half an hour. Perfect!

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Friday, April 15, 2016

2016 - Day 106/260 - Friday...

Today was the second day in a row that we had fog, but today the fog was really cool. I was waiting to be attacked by a hound of the Baskerville's (or maybe from the neighbors chicken killing dogs), or Jack the Ripper, or maybe just a mis-guided coyote. It was a perfect setting for Basil Rathbone or some cine noir film. But, it just ended up being fog, and my turquoise clogs did not do a very good job of repelling the condensation off my toes. The girl dog seemed to enjoy it though, so all was not lost. By the time I headed off to work, it was clearing, and there was very little concern driving in to the city.

Every Friday is a good Friday, and this one is not exception. It was a good and productive day in the office, and I am looking forward to a little extra sleep in the morning. The riding lawn mower is ready to be picked up from the repair shop, so I will take the truck in the morning, rent a small trailer (ours is inundated with crap), and bring the mower home. We are expecting some good rains beginning on Saturday night, so maybe I can get some progress made before that all happens.

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Thursday, April 14, 2016

2016 - Day 105/261 - Thursday...

We have (adopted/adapted, I couldn't decide which one was appropriate) changed one of our habits regarding the care and feeding of the stray cats. We are no longer serving the dry food out on the back porch and/or leaving it out there 24/7. Having made that change seems to have discouraged the raccoon/possum (opossum) visits, and I cannot think of a single reason that that is a bad thing. I now fill up the dry cat food bowl when I get in from work, and the dry cat food bowl lives on the tail gate of the truck under the shed. Not sure what, but something is eating it. This grey cat and the Barney cat are pretty common fixtures, and here lately the grey cat (definitely a BOY) has been waiting for me to complete the pre-moist food ritual, which consists of me and the girl dog going to put the OTHER girls to bed for the night, then letting the girl dog out in the back so she can bark at the cat buffet that stays JUST out of reach on the other side of the gate, which absolutely drives the girl dog bonkers. While the girl dog is preoccupied, I am setting up a dish of moist cat food for the cat parade, and that it pretty much it for the night.

We are all creatures of habit.

Deeds, Actions, Changes, CATS, Kindnesses, Whirled Peas, FUN!

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

2016 - Day 104/262 - Wednesday...

For the past three days (today was the third day) I have encountered an ever growing number of buzzards at a certain low water crossing on the way too and from the office. I have thought about stopping a couple times, but visions of a black-and-white Alfred Hitchcock moving kept going through my head, so I just kept on going. This afternoon on the way home I decided to stop. There were probably between 12 and 18 buzzards at various states of relaxation, but my stopping caused them a serious amount of anxiety. Most of them were on the opposite side of the road from where they had been gathering, so I checked that side out first. Water was flowing nicely, but nothing that seemed to appeal to a clean up crew we know as Buzzards. On the other side of the road was the source of all the interest, a dead calf. Sad, but part of the whole scheme of things. At least it was not some other mammal that I would have had to report to the local gendarmes.

A few facts about buzzards (as long as we are on the subject: Buzzards eat road-kill, the carcasses of animals, just about any dead animal. They were, as a matter of fact, an essential part of the eco-system when Mr. Speckles drowned last year. They are not picky eaters, but they will leave the scent-pouch of dead skunks for the even less fortunates down the food chain. Their eye sight is poor in the dark, so they only move around in the daytime. They perch in large flocks quite often. They don't usually start moving around till about 9AM, when the daytime temps are heating up.

So there, now you know.

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Tuesday, April 12, 2016

2016 - Day 103/263 - Tuesday...

There are chickens across the road in the neighbors wheat fields, having (I expect) a feast on bugs. When I was checking meters, I counted seven of the girls on the other side, which answers that age old question.

You're welcome.

My dental appointment this morning was relatively uneventful (just the way I like them), but we shall all see if I am singing the same song a week from tomorrow when I have completed my visit to the oral surgeon (sturgeon?). They asked if I wanted to make an appointment for an assessment and then come back for the surgery, and I said NOPE, if you get me in the office, you need to do what you need to do, because I expect I will not be coming back. I am not a good dental patient.

Otherwise, it was a pretty good day, office stuff, showed a house for sale, some this-and-that, and then home. We are expecting storms overnight, so I will report to you on that tomorrow.

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Monday, April 11, 2016

2016 - Day 102/264 - Monday...

Over the course of the past week, those all knowing, all seeing savants at the Williamson County Department of Roads and Bridges (not sure if there really is such a think or not), have laid 4&6 gravel on our poor pitiful little County Road. That is what I call gravel that is between 4 and 4 inches in size. Not everyone drives a tractor down this road, and in reality, there are only two residences on the entire street. It might be helpful if the Williamson County Department of Roads and Bridges repaired the bridge on the County Road that is adjacent to ours, you know, that bridge that washed out LAST YEAR! There are more people living on that road, but the County says they are broke and will not be repairing the bridge. My neighbor says he is going to go and rebuild the bridge himself and surprise the County. I think that is a good call. But I digress...yesterday, since Jody and the girl dog can no longer traverse the road where we live (which, by the way USED to be a paved County Road, but don't get me started), we were searching for new alternatives for dog walking. We took it to extremes, and went into Bartlett, and walked the dog around the old Bartlett Elementary School. The old school now serves as the Bartlett Community Center, and I think the architecture could qualify it for a spot as a landmark, but I am not sure the town elders have any concern for that. If you know anything about Bartlett, you know they have bigger fish (and elected officials) to fry, and achieving (and saving) a historical (hysterical) building is not high on their list. But it is an architecturally interesting building, and was probably the cats pajamas when it was built.

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Sunday, April 10, 2016

2016 _ Day 101/265 - Sunday...

...bless his heart, and him with his bad leg and all...

Earl the Squirrel has decided that if there is no seed in the bird feeders, he should check out the flock-blocks put out for the girls. The girls avoid it when he is in evidence, but as soon as he is ejected, they are all over it. I had been surprised that the blocks were being consumed as quickly as they were, but this goes a long way towards answering that mystery.

The grass from the house to the road has been cut, some trees have been trimmed, I cleaned out the trunk and the trunk of the car (some of that stuff I forgot was even in there), the four new rose bushes have been planted and watered in, the porch and patio have been cleaned, the pool has been uncovered (that was actually yesterday), and some this-and-that has been done. I did not accomplish very much of any of that, but it is done, so be quiet.

I hurt my right leg pretty badly about a month ago, and i have been making it worse and worse by being ornery and hard-headed, but stuff has to be done. I took it pretty easy yesterday and it did pretty well, but I am not sure what happened today, but it is aggravated in entirely new places, so I am limping around and pretending to be Amos McCoy. It is not fun OR attractive.

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Saturday, April 9, 2016

2016 - Day 100/266 - Saturday...

I kind of like being a deviate, but don't get your liver all up in a quiver, it's not what you think. I deviated from my normal Saturday schedule and cut grass this morning, well, actually, I was drug around much of the front yard this morning by the walk-behind mower. What with me and my bad leg and all... Afterwords, Jody and I did a full circle tour of much of central Texas, although our primary goals were food and rose bushes. We did our usual Saturday routine of going into Georgetown and having lunch, and then we headed off to FAR south Austin to the Natural Gardener for some rose bushes. We could have gotten roses much closer to home at a big-box store, but we are so very happy with the roses we got there last year, that we decided it was worth the time and effort to go back for more. We ended up with two climbers (one white and one red) to replace the morning glories at one of the trellises. We also got two floribunda (a yellow and a reddish orange one). The yellow one is named Julia Child, which I think is absolutely perfect! This is a photo of Jody next to the wagon full of roses that we soon had in the car.

One note about getting the grass cut; it is not done, there is more to be done tomorrow, but it was interesting that, when I would cut it in sections (I prefer achievable goals), I was amazed at how the sections turned into the out the outline of the State of Texas. Yep, there is a lot of yard here.

Finally, we got about three or four hundred traces of rain while I was cutting the measurable precipitation levels though.

Deeds, Actions, Changes, ROSES, Kindnesses, Whirled Peas, FUN!

Friday, April 8, 2016

2016 - Day 99/267 - Friday...

This view in the early morning was a pretty good indicator of what the rest of the day was going to be like. Relatively calm, with a few bumps here and there, but overall, it did not suck. I started out at the Board, introducing new members to the PAC and Ethics. I always enjoy talking to our new members, and to some of the not so new members too. But these are interesting times, and we are all bombarded with politics on a daily basis, so talking about MORE politics is not every ones most anticipated thing. The newly licensed colleagues proved to be interested in what was being presented to them, and I was interested in presenting it to them, so it was a win-win for everyone!

Then I went and did some power real estate, made some phone calls (including a couple to the local constabulabulatories (maybe I just made that word up but I am sticking with it)) along with other individuals in elevated positions of authority, AND went to Costco, so the day had its ups and downs, but mostly ups.

I am looking forward to the weekend, and looking forward to getting a couple hours of extra sleep.

Deeds, Actions, Changes, MADE UP WORDS, Kindnesses, Whirled Peas, FUN!

Thursday, April 7, 2016

2016 - Day 98/268 - Thursday...

It is actually a beautiful day in the neighborhood today. I did not really get a chance to enjoy it during the day, but once I got home and did my usual 'walk-arounds' to read meters and feed cats and such, I got a few minutes to enjoy it. There is a nice southerly breeze, the chickens seem content, and the spring blossoms are getting to reach their maximum velocity in about another week. By the end of this month it will be 'too hot' and we will all settle into the complaining mode, but for now, it is just nice to take advantage of the niceness that comes our way. These Evening Primrose (not sure why they are called that since they bloom all day long) are doing very nicely out on the mound where the storm shelter is. These wildflowers and the century plants seem to coexist peacefully together, so I see no reason the disturb them. Later in the summer, there will be some other specimens, but for now these are just fine.

It is always a nice day when you can show some property and present an offer, so now we are in the 'waiting-to-hear-back' mode. I think the odds are in our favor on this one.

Deeds, Actions, Changes, PRIMROSE, Kindnesses, Wh
irled Peas, FUN!

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

2016 - Day 97/269 - Wednesday...

I have NEVER claimed to be the brightest bulb in the package, and I am not a Star Trek fan (although I may have seen one of them once upon a time), but really, this just does not seem logical to me. First, if you are an ambulance driver and the lights are flashing and the sirens are screaming, why would you choose to get in the Interstate during rush hour traffic. I think it would make some sense if it was a part of the Interstate with shoulders on either side of the lane in which you were trying to traverse in a rapid fashion, but not (either) the upper or lower deck in the middle of Austin where there are NO SHOULDERS and traffic is proceeding at approximately 3 miles per hour. I think the service roads would be the smarter choice, but what do I know. And while we are at it, why can't I get other drivers near me to totally panic and crash into other vehicles when I am trying to go down the Interstate (in Austin, the Interstate is actually the Interregional Highway, but that is just a technicality). ANYWAY, it just contributes to spending more time on the highways during my daily commute, but it does afford me an opportunity to get current with the latest Facebook posts, my Twitter feed, a couple rounds of Words with Friends, and complete a couple phone calls, impersonating Miss Tomlin from the telephone company.

Deeds, Actions, Changes, HURRY, Kindnesses, Whirled Peas, FUN!

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

2016 - Day 96/270 - Tuesday...

I had lunch today with my long time friends (and former clients) George and June. It was a great time, and I tried my best to embarrass June, which is something that I have gotten really good at over the years. June is having a birthday next week, and since I am nearing THAT AGE we talked some about the ins and outs of old people insurance. I had my six month check-up last week, and talked to my doctor about old peoples insurance, and he gave me some tips, George and June gave me some tips, and it seems these days if I am not asking questions about old peoples insurance, I am offering to show a complete stranger (preferable someone in line at the HEB) one of my scars from an operation decades ago (I don't have any recent scars), and I am thinking of having my gall bladder taken out (nothing wrong with it), just so I will have a reason to pull up my shirt and pull down my pants. Don't blush June! Anyway, this is a photo of the group (me, George and June's head) this morning at lunch, very good friends, and I love them dearly!

Otherwise, it was a pretty ordinary day, working and getting things done at the office. Tomorrow will be another day of visiting the storage space to see what else we can cram in there, and/or what we can get rid of. My goal is to get rid of some stuff.

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Monday, April 4, 2016

2016 - Day 95/271 - Monday...

Why did the turtle cross the road? I am not sure, but i saved this one. He/She seemed to be in NO HURRY at all (i.e. Tortoise v Hare), and may have actually been just warming up. The last time I did this, I was pulled over by a County Sheriff and warned that it was considered a hazardous act, that an unsuspecting motorist could crash in to me and I would be held liable. Really? Out here on a County Road? Where there has not been more than a dozen vehicles in the last five hours? Okay, thank you Officer, I appreciate it. Actually, the Deputy was the most suspicious person I had seen the entire day, but that is another story. ANYWAY, this particular turtle (as seen in the accompanying photo) was carefully placed in the bar ditch (careful to place him in the same direction he was heading), and I went on about my business.

The girl car is back in the garage, all fixed and better. The service center even did a few other warranty items while they had her, and the other insurance company paid the claim for the additional repair.

All in all it was a pretty good day, if I do say so myself.

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Sunday, April 3, 2016

2016 - Day 94/272 - Sunday...

Yesterday on our way to lunch Jody and I took the long way into Georgetown via Jarrell, down Ronald Reagan Boulevard, a quiet drive less travelled. The object was to scope out some wildflowers without going too far. Just off the Interstate, there were lovely patches of Bluebonnets, Indian Paint, Purple Wine Cups and Primrose. The Bastard Cabbage is doing well again this year (damn those bastards), and we kept driving until we got to Highway 29 and turned off to go have lunch. Having scoped out the wildflowers, we went back after lunch and tried getting photos to commemorate the season. It is hard to take a selfie (or 35 or 40) with the sun at your back or glaring in your face, but you can pretty much get the drift of the occasion. Next time we will hire some paparazzi to tail us at every step, at least maybe the documentation will be better.

Today, as suspected, was a day of working around the house. The riding mower is not a healthy machine, and it has been taken into the repair shop in Georgetown. In order to take the mower in to the repair shop, I had to check the truck for squirrels. No squirrels, as evidenced by my use of a sturdy stick to poke around in their nest, removing as much of it as I could. With no riding mower, I was left with the walk-behind, and let's just say I got in my 10,000 steps today with no challenge.

I also got a lot of little things done (I am easily distracted), so all-in-all it was a really good day.

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Saturday, April 2, 2016

2016 - Day 93/273 - Saturday...

The girl dog graduated from her beginners obedience training school today. Not only did she graduate, she graduated summa cum laude, magna cum laude, cum laude (lordie?), best attendance (that one was a tie, Jody got that award too because I missed the first class), citizenship award, public service award and Miss Congeniality (I came in second on that one). She excels at standing and not paying attention to commands (that is her favorite subject), but she does really well at sit, lay down and here is a treat. Our goal was for her to learn not to pull on the leash when we take her for walks, and she does pretty well at that too. The instructor was pushing the intermediate class for us, but I think we are going to pass on that, too much pressure to perform, so we will just see how this goes and I think that will be it.

We did take a ride through some of the back roads close to the house later this afternoon, and there were a lot of Indian Paintbrush in bloom, but it seems the blue bonnets are kind of puny this year. We were hoping for better displays considering the late season rains and then spring rains on top of that. Maybe the peak is not here yet. Our Iris are blooming nicely, and it is a pleasure seeing all the varieties of blooms.

Tomorrow will be a work around the house day. There is lots of grass to be cut, and I am already ready for a nap.

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Friday, April 1, 2016

2016 - Day 92/274 - Friday...

I went through this every year (kind of) with my mother. Her birthday was on April 1st. My dad always had a good comment or two for that. Now for the last 24 years, this is the day we have celebrated Jody's birthday. Yep, my mother and Jody shared the same birthday. So, today was Jody's birthday, and it was a pretty full darn day. It started off early (earlier for Jody than usual), because we both had doctors appointments this morning. We took the girl dog into town with us, and dropped her off at the condo, then it was off to our appointments. Then back to the condo for about an hour, and we left to visit with Michael and Lynda who had invited us for a birthday celebration. Jody, me, Michael, Lynda, Carrie, Steve and Jetta. A wonderful group of friends, and it was a delicious luncheon that Lynda served. Stuffed puff pastries to begin, followed with a huge salad with salmon, asparagus, new potatoes, and more that I cannot adequately describe. Then there was cake! Jody had a great time, and thanks too to Carrie for taking this great photo of the birthday boy!

It rained overnight, and we recorded 0.15" in the gauge, and there is another 0.21" since then. Chilly though, it is really sweater weather all of a sudden, but that is supposed to change tomorrow.

I'm tired, good night!

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