Sunday, February 28, 2021

Volume 13 - Day 59/306, 2021 - Sunday

When you reach a certain age, it is the usually unreported things in your life that you feel proudest of. Today, I clipped my toenails. No big deal to most folks under the age of 50 (or so), but, not being particularly given to contortioning (or being a contortionist), I find it quite an accomplishment. I got up this morning, and did a few things before meeting Candy and Terry for an earlier than usual brunch. Good convo, and TOO MUCH food, but I do it (almost) every Sunday, and I have not learned to order more in moderation. What does that tell you? After brunch, I did, somewhat against my will and contrary to my better judgement, but I did it anyway. I went to the farm and cleared out the master bathroom, and got it all loaded in the car for transport. Then, again against my better judgement, I went out and cleaned the chicken coop. The temperature today in central Texas was in the low 70s, but the humidity (stupidity?), was about 1000%. PLUS, two cans of garbage were put out on the road for collection tomorrow. When I got home, I took a nap, cleaned out the car, had some dinner, responded to a bunch of e-mails, and now it is almost time to call it a night. Even though several neighbors are helping clear downed limbs and brush out at the farm, there is still a lot of work to be done before most of the evidence of the past two weeks will be erased. I am not sure it will ever be erased, but most of the bad will be gone.

Saturday, February 27, 2021

Volume 13 - Day 58/307, 2021 - Saturday

Okay, I may need an intervention. Maybe. I have thirteen pairs of shoes that I have never had on, still in boxes. I just took a count, and I have 49 pairs of shoes and boots in the closet, in addition to the 13 pairs still in the boxes. Sixty two pairs of shoes. I feel a purge coming on. And lets not talk about socks. I estimate that I have about 500 pairs of socks. Maybe that is an exaggeration. I probably have at least forty pairs of socks that have still got the tags on them. I fear socks are SO 2015. But, they were really a lot of fun while the fun lasted. I fiddled around the Lazy House this morning, and headed off to the farm around 11. I stopped at Home Depot to return some things that I bought and then changed my mind about. When I got to the farm, it was trying to rain, but I got the plants out of the garage and the front barn, swept and straightened the garage, fed the cat and the chickens, got the tankless water heater on the far side of the house started back again, got about half of the laundry room cleaned out and loaded a lot of stuff into the car. I went to the grocery in Jarrell, and did not buy much of anything. When I got home, I unloaded the car, emptied all the boxes that I had in the car and a few others that were waiting to be unpacked from previous trips. Tomorrow before brunch, I want to do some organizing of the garage at the Lazy House, and then after brunch, I will make another trip out to the farm, and bring another car load of stuff home. It is so nice to have hot water again!

Friday, February 26, 2021

Volume 13 - Day 57/308, 2021 - Friday

A week ago tomorrow, I ventured out into the still pretty frozen world, and went up IH-35 towards the farm. I went further than usual, because I needed to refill the girls monthly pills, and the vet is in Salado, about 17 miles further north than where I would normally exit to go to the farm. But I did. What I witnessed that day was, a mad dash for the Oklahoma border by (probably) a dozen or more wind turbine blades. After all the abuse they had received the previous several days, inaccurate accusations that it was the wind turbines fault for the power grid failing in Texas, and green energy being falsely accused as being the devil incarnate, it seemed that the turbine blades were taking their wind generations abilities and heading north. If you have never seen one of these blades being transported, you can not really comprehend the great expanse of them. When you see them spinning from the advantage of your vehicle somewhere, you just cannot imagine how really big they are. BUT, they are plenty big, and apparently have very delicate sensibilities, and so they were headed north. That is about as political as I ever get in this journal, so I will now step off my soapbox. I finished my most recent book, The Four Winds, and I cried most of the way to the office this morning. My next book, which I will most likely begin on Monday, is one of the Woman's Book Club selections, so I will report back to you about my opinion. The weekend will be a little bit busy, I am a little behind in moving stuff from the farm to the Lazy House, but I think I can make up for lost time over the weekend.

Thursday, February 25, 2021

Volume 13 - Day 56/309, 2021 - Thursday

I have always appreciated wine glasses that were shaped to mimic Queen Victoria's bosom. What could be better? Well, these two glasses are what was inside the big blue Tiffany & Co. box, so I doubt that anything could be better than that. Not by a long shot, or a really healthy pour. I think the box wine will taste even better using these, and that is another good thing. And just to be clear, I am not referring to the Victoria that had secrets. Here are a few other good things that happened today: The blinds were installed today, and all but the very last one to be installed are great. So, close, but not all windows are covered. On many of the windows, I sprang for the feather that you could open the blinds from the top or the bottom. It sounded good at the time, but now, I do not really think I will use that feature very much, if at all. And, it is a little late for learning a lesson, because the odds of my moving again are pretty slim...said nobody ever. We shall see. As I write this, there is a plumber in the attic trying to get the hot water operational again. Again, we shall see. Wish the plumber luck if you have a few extra seconds. Tonight is the February meeting of the Water Oaks Woman's Book Club. I joined last month, and at that time, I was only half way through the January selection. I finished this months pick, and as soon as I finish the other book I am reading, I will download the March selection, Fierce, Free and Full of Fire by Jen Hatmaker. Non-fiction, but I do not have a clue what it is about. More about that later!

Wednesday, February 24, 2021

Volume 13 - Day 55/310, 2021 - Wednesday

Well, I am going to wait another day (or so) to reveal what was in the HUGE Tiffany & Co. box that was delivered yesterday, just because I can, and I have a few other things to talk about today. I still have no hot water. Seems there is an issue with the particular water heater(s) that were installed in this home, and all throughout the neighborhood (the Lazy House neighborhood), any home with that particular brand of water heater(s) are without hot water after the winter storm last week. I have n idea why, and I really don't much care why, I would just like it to get fixed in the next several days. Really though, this is not a threat to my life, it is just a small inconvenience in the grand scheme of things, and I will survive this inconvenience. I will be okay, and it will all be okay in the end. The other things is, I got my first round of COVID-19 vaccination this afternoon. It all went off without a hitch. My appointment was for 2:50, I got there at 2:35, and I was on my way home at 2:55. Nurse Kim, who is nothing at all like Nurse Ratchet, was fun, as were all the folks at this recreation center where I got the shot. All happy, it was a beautiful day (high temperature was 84 degrees), and we were all happy to be in the place we were in. I never even got out of the car! They are supposed to send me an e-mail in about three weeks to schedule my second shot. I feel a little bit like I have lost this race (or come in third or fourth place), because many of my friends here in central Texas have already received their second shot. Whatever...tune in tomorrow, same time, same station.

Tuesday, February 23, 2021

Volume 13 - Day 54/311, 2021 - Tuesday

Still no hot water. One of the water heaters in the attic seems to be working, but I have tried every hot water faucet (except the washing machine), and I cannot get anything better than lukewarm water. I am taking the high road, and waiting for the builder's rep to visit tomorrow. It is one of those things that causes everyone to point at somebody else, and nothing gets done. Remember ATT and Southwestern Bell? It was always the other guys fault. No big deal, I can get by with a PTA bath, and I will be good. Just more first world problems, and when kept in perspective, it is not a threat to my life or health. Life in the office is becoming more and more calm, as we are able to get plumbing and heating issues settled. It was 72 degrees warmer today in central Texas, than it was a week ago. That's a big swing. Now for the big, exciting part: Look at this freakin' HUGE box that was delivered to me today. I really like anything that is Tiffany & Co. blue, and the bigger the box, the better! I will show you what was in it tomorrow, but just know that I may be shamed into no longer being able to sip wine out of a box! And the fat lady likes it too!

Monday, February 22, 2021

Volume 13 - Day 53/312, 2021 - Monday

Not too terrible of a Monday. By this time, I am kind of tired out, and it has been kind of a busy day. I made it to the office, and it was a full house. Things were relatively calm, we are all working our way out of all the issues we experienced last week. Some tenants still have no water, but most are going forward with repairs made, Today, the temperature was in the mid 70s, and tomorrow we are supposed to be approaching 80. Totally crazy. One of the water heaters in the attic is not working, and I expect to hear something from the gas company tomorrow. In the meantime, I am making do with tepid water or just cold water. I am running out of patience for being patient. Just small inconveniences, and it will all be fine in time. I am getting my vaccination on Wednesday, and I have an appointment to have the window coverings installed on Thursday. I went to the farm this afternoon, all is pretty well out there, the chickens were happy, and I assume Barney is out there somewhere. I was moving stuff out of the closet, and I came across this. Of course, I could have used it last week, and now I will put it somewhere in the Lazy House, and it will most likely never be seen again! I am pretty sure that if I were packing for a trip, I would most likely not be crazy enough that I would need to bring a 'Travel Ice Scraper.' 

Sunday, February 21, 2021

Volume 13 - Day 52/313, 2021 - Sunday

So, this old man is REALLY tired this evening. I started the day with a little this-and-that, and then went to brunch with Candy and Terry. After brunch, I headed to the farm. I cleared out three refrigerators and their accompanying freezers (I had already brought a lot of stuff to the Lazy House), and I cleared out the chest freezer, too. There had been intermittent power over the last week, so things MIGHT have thawed out and then froze again. Sorry, but I am not taking any chances. After that, I decided to cut some of the fallen branches off some of the trees, and at least clear the driveway and in front of the garage and pretty much clear the paths around the house. I can now get in the gate, and get the car close enough to the garage to pile more stuff inside it. The chicken coop was a total mess, but that got cleaned too. Jim and Kevin (the good neighbor and his nephew) stopped over, and I turned the water back on to the house, went up in the attic to make sure there were no leaks, and checked the water meter a dozen times to make sure there was no water running when there wasn't supposed to be. After that, I got ALL the clothes out of the closet and transferred all the clothes to the Lazy House. The only things left in the closet at the farm are shoes (there are LOTS of shoes), bed linens and a few miscellaneous items. SO, even though the last week messed up my 'one room a week' goal, I am feeling pretty good about what got accomplished. AND, I saw Barney. He survived, the chickens survived, I survived, lots of people survived. 

Saturday, February 20, 2021

Volume 13 - Day 51/314, 2021 - Saturday

I hope everyone had at least an okay day today. I am going to chalk this day up into the 'win' category. I got up this morning, had a couple cups of coffee, and wandered around a little bit, wondering exactly what I might get up to. I never did determine anything, so I just played the whole thing by ear. My goal had been to head out to the farm by 11 o'clock this morning, and I did leave the Lazy House at about 10:45, but I got distracted. I decided to go to Tractor Supply to get chicken feed and stuff like that. Then, I called the vet in Salado, and they were open, so I went and got three months worth of NexGard and HeartGard for the girls. Then I headed off to the farm. When I got close, there was an actual battalion of electric service guys at the corner of CRs 322 and 323. I could not get the car into the gate, and I had intended to use the wheel barrel (I think wheel barrel is much more appropriate than wheel barrow, wheel barrow just does not make sense) to move the chicken feed and those supplies out of the car and int the front barn and the garage. SURPRISE! A couple tree limbs fell onto the wheel barrel and DESTROYED it. Literally! It is in about six pieces, now useless. SO...I gathered up from the house that was going to the Lazy House and put it all on the front porch. I went out to the front barn and unloaded a wagon (that we had at the Red Rock farm), and used it to unload, load, and unload. Now there are some things in the back of my car, and that stuff will stay there (maybe) until the morning. I examined all the ceilings of the house and all the various rooms, and I am happy to report that there does not seem to be any damage. No inside damage, no outside damage (except for trees and downed limbs), so that is a major win. I also inspected the pool and the pool pumps and filters, and I did not see any damage there either. The electricity is still off to the pool equipment, and the water to the house is still off at the road, so I will know better later in the week. I did not see Barney while I was at the farm, but the cameras just sent me video that he is alive and well, and scoping out the property! Another win. I also got six newspapers delivered today. I just assumed that they would not be delivered, so I checked them out online, but all the back papers were delivered this afternoon. Not necessarily a win, but not a fail either. Finally, there were plenty of birds out at the farm today, and I thought I would share this photo of a bunch of Cedar Waxwings with you. Enjoy!

Friday, February 19, 2021

Volume 13 - Day 50/315, 2021 - Friday

I made it in to Austin this morning, and that was the first and only time this week. I was planning to try and get to the farm on the way home, but was cautioned not to try, so I will make a better effort tomorrow. I have been told to wait until two or three, but my plan is to leave the Lazy House around 11 and see what happens. The electricity is on, I have heat, the water pressure is back, but we are still on a boil water advisory. I only have a small sauce pan, so boiling water was a repetitive process, but I had plenty of water for coffee and pills this morning, and still had some left. After the venture to the farm was called off, I took a chance and stopped at HEB, mainly looking for water and milk. The shelves all over the store were bare. No milk, no veggies, no fruit, some meat, not too sure about frozen foods. I stocked up on dog food and cat food, got five liters of fancy water, and that should last me about a year. If I can ever get to the farm, I have a few gallons of bottled water there, who would have ever thought that should have been a priority item to move. You just never know, if it's not one thing it's another! Life is good, I'm a lucky guy. OH YEAH, this happened yesterday...I actually got a confirmed appointment to get my first vaccination shot next Wednesday. WOO-HOO!

Wednesday, February 17, 2021

Volume 13 - Day 48/317, 2021 - Wednesday

There was no post last night, because I did not have power or internet long enough at any one time to get it done. I am feeling pretty lucky right now, so I am going to go ahead and try to get this posted. Earlier today, I had power, so I put a bagel in the toaster, and that put the electric grid into a state of collapse, so not too much more risk taking by me. Right now, I have electric, heat and internet, but no water. It's kind of like real estate, you can have it all, but not usually all in one place. The threatened ice storm over night was not too terrible, but it was slippery this morning. Once again, I have not taken the car out but I have taken the girls out into the back yard. It is currently 28 degrees, which is almost like a heat wave compared to the single digits we experienced the last couple of days. I tried jumping on a couple zoom meetings this morning, I could not get onto the first one, I got onto the second one and then the power went out and I did not get to finish it. I am supposed to get my hair cut on Friday, and I am not sure if that will happen or not. The window coverings were supposed to be installed today, and guess what. Didn't happen. We will (mostly) all survive this Valentin's Day Blizzard, and probably come out of it unscathed. Mostly. Years from now, we will look back on all this, and still be pissed!

Monday, February 15, 2021

Volume 13 - Day 46/319, 2021 - Monday

This is the third try, dammit, maybe it will be the charm. I am going to try and get this done quickly. The power at the Lazy House was going on and off overnight. Every time it came back on, the clocks in the bedroom would buzz and wake me up. The power was off totally from about 6 this morning until about 1 or 2 o'clock this afternoon, I am really not sure. When the power came back on, it was 56 degrees in the house, that does not sound really cold, but it was. The power stays on for about five or ten minutes, then it flashes off for a couple seconds, but then everything has to be rebooted, so I don't know if I will get this posted or not the first time. I will not bore you with the gratuitous picture of the snowy landscape, or the girls in the yard. Yes, it was pretty, yes it was fun seeing the girls out in something they have NEVER seen before, but I am going to regale you with this photo of the unvarnished way I am coping with all this crap. You're welcome!

Sunday, February 14, 2021

Volume 13 - Day 45/320, 2021 - Sunday

I got an 'F' in citizenship today. I was not a good neighbor. There have been pleas from all the utilities to conserve. It could have been worse. I did NOT use the gas logs in the fireplace, but I did do a couple loads of clothes, washed and dried. It had to be done. I also bathed, which should make the closest neighbors happy. I only went outside today to get the newspaper this morning, and to go out in the backyard with the dogs. It seems they will not get off the porch unless I am out in the yard with them. They are not at all impressed with crunchy grass, and it is interesting to see the piglet try to pee while trying not to get her back feet cold. I did some inside stuff today as well. I made the beds in two of the guest rooms, and I gathered up clothes from all the other closets and put stuff where it really belonged, which is in my closet. Now, one of these days (we are expecting winter to be over by the end of the week), I will move stuff out of the closet at the farm, and that will make one more room cleared out. I did not go to the farm today, but my neighbor (the good neighbor) made sure Barney had food. As long as the electricity stays on, the chickens should be okay. AND...the water is turned off to the whole property up at the road, so I hope the pipes will all be okay. I don't know if I will be able to get out to the farm tomorrow, but all of central Texas (okay, really, ALL of Texas) is shut down. We told everyone last week that we would be closed on Monday, and now I am not sure when we may be able to get back in to the office. It will be an interesting week, and the window coverings are supposed to be installed on Wednesday. They better not try to cancel because of the weather...dammit... So, when I wasn't putzing or eating, I was watching movies. I found a new channel called 'Movies,' or, maybe 'MGMovies.' It was fun, and it passed the time.

Saturday, February 13, 2021

Volume 13 - Day 44/321, 2021 - Saturday

It is still cold here, but expected to be the coldest on Tuesday morning. Forecast is calling for 6 degrees with 35 mile per hour winds. And then on Friday, the high temperature is forecast to be in the low to middle 60s. That's more like it! I went out to the farm early this afternoon, because there is more freezing rain expected, but so far it has not happened. The roads were clear, so there were no issues traveling, and the power was still off at the house. I saw the electric crews and they said they expected the power to be back on in two or three hours. I freshened the chickens water, gave them a fresh dose of meal worms, and made sure they had plenty of feed. In the coop, I added another heat lamp inside, in anticipation of the electricity coming back on. The electricity did in fact come back on at about 3:30, or at least that is when my neighbor (the good one) reported that it was back on. I made sure Barney had food, and I did not see him in person, but with the electricity back on, the internet is back up, the router is on, and the camera system is back up and running, and I saw video of Barney on the front porch. Some things are back to normal, but I expect it will be months before all the tree damage is cleared and we will see what the lasting affect of these extraordinary meteorological events have had on everything. The farm was always a beautiful place, lovely and abundant flora, and I fear much of it may be lost! It's sad.

Friday, February 12, 2021

Volume 13 - Day 43/322, 2021 - Friday

First world challenges continue. I know people in central Texas that have not had electricity since early yesterday afternoon. I remember back many, MANY years ago, when there was an ice storm in Memphis (when my mother was still living there), and I think their power was out for a few weeks. That is hard to imagine in this time, but I guess it doesn't take a bad storm to interrupt power, I am more worried about a 13 year old kid in their underwear, hacking into the grid, and disrupting the power supply FOREVER! Whatever. At any rate, I have had internet and electricity and heat at the Lazy House with very little interruption during this storm. I attended a six hour class on zoom today, answered calls on my cell phone, checked my e-mail, and basically went on with my life, all while the temperature did not get above 28 degrees here. I did make it out to the farm after my class today, more downed limbs, still no electricity. The inside of the house was not extremely cold, but not toasty, either. The chickens are not looking particularly inconvenienced, so I was glad for that. I did not see Barney, but I am pretty sure he is okay. The biggest issue at the farm, was getting from point A to point B without having other tree branches crash down upon me. It is eerily quiet out there, very little traffic, but the roads are clear. Parts of it are ugly and sad, but parts of it are really pretty, too! On the way home from the farm, I stopped at HEB. I had to stand outside (in the cold, remember?), in a line, to get inside. I got in, and the main thing I went in for was milk, and there WASN'T ANY! I got three quarts of chocolate milk (two of which were low fat, that makes no sense), but I can make it through. I may go back tomorrow, or go to another store trying to find milk, I'm sort of CDO that way!

Thursday, February 11, 2021

Volume 13 - Day 42/323, 2021 - Thursday

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times. It is only going to get worse for the next week or so. I cannot believe that I can make really sound judgements and really stupid judgements all in the same breath. It is really cold outside! Okay, those are the statements, now the rest of this is the back-up. I got up this morning, and headed in to the office about 8:30. There was some concern about frozen precipitation (I learned that in the weather programs) overnight, but it really was not an issue. The biggest problem going in was that, everyone was being really considerate of everyone else, and no one knew how to react to it, so everyone was driving in a haze of confusion. That all changed by the afternoon. Even though I did participate in a zoom meeting today, I am not going to keep going with the zoom meeting pics, since I have more interesting pics to choose from. It was, to be totally honest, a really CRAZY day...and it will be for the next seven to ten days. We are expecting the weather to be colder in the next week than it has been in the last 31 years. AND, there is a possibility that one days next week will be the coldest it has EVER been in central Texas. Don't quote me. Mixed in with the beauty and the good is the ugly and the bad. I made it out to the farm late this afternoon. Trees down, electricity out (probably for a while), beautiful and ugly at the same time. If the electricity does not come on, the chickens may not survive, and a lot of other stuff can happen based on the domino theory. BUT, we will all recover in a couple months (maybe), and by then we will all be tired of talking about the cold spell. The photo is from the road down the drive at the farm. I had to leave the car on the road, because there was no electricity and I could not open the gate. I could have, but I didn't.

Wednesday, February 10, 2021

Volume 13 - Day 41/324, 2021 - Wednesday

We are set for eight or nice days with overnight lows BELOW freezing...the forecast keeps changing, but right now it looks like the high temperatures will be ABOVE freezing all but one of those days, but needless to say, this is not normal for Texas, and don't even start arguing with me about global warming. I am resigned to the fact that all the palms at the farm will be goners, all the bamboo will die back (but it will come back up in a couple years). I turned the water off at the road this afternoon, and bled the cold water pipes, that is about the best plan as far as I know. All the plants have been put back in the garage or the front barn, but I a not even sure if they will survive or not. I'll let you know in about ten days or so. The worst part of all of it is, all the Facebook posts will be about how cold it is. Get ready! Today was another day of zoom meetings, and the photo accompanying this post is compliments of Leslie. I was otherwise occupied, and about the last thing on my mind (other than not messing everything up), was to remember to take a photo. A whole slew of dedicated TREPAC Trustees, all together on a zoom meeting, and we all know we would rather be playing volleyball, even if it is freezing freaking cold outside. Sorry. I will continue complaining tomorrow!


Tuesday, February 9, 2021

Volume 13 - Day 40/325, 2021 - Tuesday

This may be a week of zoom photos accompanying my journal entries. We'll see. What you are looking at in this photo, is absolutely, positively the best of the best, and they are working gratis to identify and put forward the best of the best to continue the tradition into the coming years. This is the TREPAC Nominating committee, of which I am not a part but I was invited to say a couple encouraging (what are the odds) words before they started their task this afternoon. Yesterday, I mentioned that 'Once a Trustee, Always a Trustee,' and it could never be more visual than in this photo. I am guessing that, if you counted up all the years of volunteer service to their various associations (local, state, national), that there is a minimum of three hundred years of service without proper acknowledgement or thanks. We can never thank our volunteers too much, so this is my thank you to all these wonderful colleagues. The Lazy House was abuzz with activity today, and that activity should come to an end tomorrow, for at least a few days. I did get a very welcome call today, and the window coverings are scheduled to be installed next Wednesday. I cannot wait. I will finally get to wander around the house nekkid. It has been a great inconvenience for me to have to be (somewhat) clothed in the house. It is clear to me that I am no longer living out in the country. There are actually neighbors within spitting distance, but that is not a bad thing either.

Monday, February 8, 2021

Volume 13 - Day39/326, 2021 - Monday

Once a Trustee, always a Trustee. I did all my stuff (and more) at home today. Only two zoom meetings, but really good ones. There were swarms of people in and out of the Lazy House today, too, and it was kind of a field day for a couple yappy little dogs. I expect the swarming to continue tomorrow, and maybe Wednesday, so I am trying to be strong! Here is something that is going to make me weak; there are going to be two days (Sunday and Monday) when the temperatures do not get above 32 degrees. That is really unheard of here in central Texas. I am not sure that I will be able to survive that, but I will do my best. I know most of the plants that I will bring in to the garage or the front barn, probably will not make it. I will make preparations on Thursday...I may even turn the water off at the main at the farm, just to make sure nothing terrible happens. Then my worry will be the water heaters...I have plenty of time to work out a plan. It is kind of hard to comprehend that it was in the mid 70s today, and in just a few days it will be bitterly cold. It will all be okay in the end, and if it is gonna be THAT cold in central Texas, we cannot really imagine how cold it will be in some of those square, non-descript states at the top of the map!

Sunday, February 7, 2021

Volume 13 - Day 38/327, 2021 - Sunday

So far, I have not been impressed with any of the commercials, and the half-time show (so far) is only confusing. It is most likely because I am old. There is a lot of screaming going on in the stands (unless it is fake screaming), but I am confused as to who anyone in the stands can be watching the stuff that I am not paying attention to on the television. Those are pretty strong words for someone that has three televisions in the house all tuned to the Superbowl. I need to get a paying job as a critic somewhere, I really enjoy it, and it just comes naturally to me. And who is this guy, anyway? New subject: The Lazy House neighborhood is really a boon to my Gladys Kravitz skills. Once again, there were three first responder vehicles within eyesight of the house. I heard no sirens, but when I went outside to check out the sunset, there they were, bigger'n Dallas, lights all a flashin', but no noise making. This part here would be better if they were in a pool and splashing water like synchronized swimming. Okay, I recognize this song, but I still don't know who he is. I'm gonna shut up now, while I am still ahead.

Saturday, February 6, 2021

Volume 13 - Day 37/328, 2021 - Saturday

I did a little bit of investigating today. I pass a food truck court every day, and I have never quite figured it out. So, today, I stopped to check it out. Pretty good, live music venue, playground for small hoomans, a good variety of food, and that is great. better yet, it is less thank five minutes from the Lazy House. Wednesday thru Sunday, 4-8 and noon-8 on the weekends. I will try to check it out next week. It was off then to HEB, where I spent a lot of money, allegedly on food-stuffs, and then off to the farm. My goal for the weekend is to get all the art from the farm to the Lazy House. One more load tomorrow and I should have it all. Overall, I think it was a pretty good day. Brunch is tomorrow at 11, and before that I want to make a quick trip in to Austin, and pick up some stuff I need here on Monday. The plan is to stay home the first three days of next week, and go in to the office the last two. I'm looking forward to a lot of goo things happening at the Lazy House next week. Stay tuned!

Friday, February 5, 2021

Volume 13 - Day 36/329, 2021 - Friday

Let's maybe spend the next few days talking about things that I question or that make me a little bit crazy. So, how many times can you re-use a zip lock bag. It just seems kind of wasteful to throw out an otherwise perfectly good zip lock bag, but after several uses, they get kinda cruddy. I have actually taken paper towels and wiped out the insides of the bag, or even washed them, but that seems kind of totally crazy on the other side of the pendulum. Kind of a far left v. far right kind of conundrum. SO, any direction you can give me on this topic will be greatly appreciated. you most likely cannot really appreciate it from the photo, but it was dribbly this morning while I was on my way to the office. It was also the kind of dribbly that was dirty. You know, the road dirt was co-mingling with the dribbles and it made the windshield muddy. I hate that. The afternoon turned out to be really pretty, but the high temperature today was almost thirty degrees lower than yesterday. Go figure.

Thursday, February 4, 2021

Volume 14 - Day 35/330, 2021 - Thursday

Well, repotting this ficus was a bit more of a challenge than I was suspecting. I worked from home today, so before my zooms started, I went and found a bigger pot and a saucer for the bush. I expect it has been at least two (probably four) years since the last time I repotted it. I have no idea, what I do know is, if I think it was two years ago, it was probably five years ago. At any rate, it was a little bit difficult, and definitely heavier than I was expecting, but I got it all done. I expect it will settle in nicely, and be ready for another round of repotting in another couple years. Or five. My zooms went well, everything is pretty much under control. I have a zoom tomorrow morning at 8:30, which should last about an hour. Then I will drive in to the office, where I will jump on another zoom. Then off to the farm at about 2:30, and then the weekend begins. The high temperature today was 86 degrees, which beat the old record of 83, which was set in 1951. And next week, we are going to be down in the 20s overnight for two or three nights. After that, maybe it will be spring time. I really have no idea. Everything at the farm was pretty good this afternoon, the girls were doing well, I got nine eggs. I didn't see Barney, but that is not unusual. He will show up on the cameras later tonight and into the early morning.

Wednesday, February 3, 2021

Volume 13 - Day 34/331, 2021 - Wednesday

As I recall, today was a really good day. Last that I paid attention, it was 77 degrees, and I think it is supposed to be even warmer. As I recall, there were a couple zooms, than I had an appointment outside the office, and another appointment with a prospective buyer client via conference call in the office. I didn't leave the office until after four o'clock, I got to the farm at about 5:30, and I got home after dark, which is something that has not happened for a long time. It's about eight o'clock right now, and I still have about an hour of work to get done before I call it a day. While I was at the farm, I got to spend some quality time with Barney. As things are being moved from the farm, some of his hidey places are disappearing, but I am pretty sure he will make it. He is creative and a survivor, so I try to take a couple minutes to let him know there will be food for a long time to come. 

Tuesday, February 2, 2021

Volume 13 - Day 33/332, 2021 - Tuesday

This was a really good day in many ways, and I only cried a couple times. First off, one of my very best friends ever died in 1994, and on the anniversary of his death every year, I would call his mom and talk with her for a little while. Last year (2020), I called and the phone had been disconnected. Ugh. I tried to find out what I could, but I could find out nothing. In the midst of moving, I found a card that his mom sent me in 2000, and it mentioned his brother and his brother's wife. I knew he had a brother, but I didn't know the name. BUT...with the name, I tracked him down and talked with him this morning. The mother is doing well, or as well as can be expected, in an assisted living center, and he will tell her I called. That makes me really happy. At least I know what happened. Many times, I wonder about what has happened to people I knew, way back when. The other happy thing that happened is going to be held in reserve for another day. I think I did either three or four zooms today, and that could be a tie for the most zooms in a day. I also learned a lot about a variety of subjects, and that makes it even more successful. Plus, the sunrise was really nice. Not as nice on the farm, where I would see them all the time, but nice still. Now I have to 'seek out' the sunrises and the sunsets, but they are always worth it., but I no longer take them for granted. OH, plus I finished the book last night, I could not wait.

Monday, February 1, 2021

Volume 13 - Day32/333, 2021 - Monday

It seems, if you are judging it by the photos I have been including in my journal entries lately, that my life is not nearly as interesting or exciting as it once was. I think that is probably a true statement for many of us, considering all the things that have changed in our collective lives in the last eleven months or so. I have about another hour to go with my new book, and it is making me totally crazy. I am aware of man's inhumanity to other men, but it is difficult to imagine the creativity we can conjure when wanting to cause harm to others. It is kind of like when I read The Winds of War and War and Remembrance. So, I will be happy to complete the book, and get it behind me. Otherwise, today was a pretty good day. Calm, peaceful, high temperatures in the upper 60s, got into the office, got a lot of stuff done, got some other stuff NOT done, but there is always tomorrow. I had one zoom today, three tomorrow plus a delivery and a tele-conference call. Oh yeah, holy crap, it's February!