Wednesday, October 31, 2012

2012 - Day 305/61 - Wednesday...

Happy Halloween everybody, I hope you don't get the beejeezus scared out of you.

I have a very vague recollection of the activities that caused me to lose sleep last night.  As many of you may know, I am not a really great sleeper, and I generally try to induce sleep with the help of a widely publicized and totally legal substance.  Politicians across this great country of ours have been known to 'sleep-walk' their ways to a new car purchase or visit houses of questionable repute and/or post compromising tweets or texts of themselves in varying states of sleepy-time attire for all the world to see, only to later claim that their Twitter account have been hacked.  Whatever...

Well, last night, it seems one of the smoke alarms in the house was in need of a new battery (they don't make batteries like they used to, Martha) and the boy dog cannot cope with the distant chirping of a needy smoke alarm.  The boy dog (I believe) actually has more issues than I do, but I digress.  At some point I was awakened and wandered around the house with a step-stool and a 9 volt battery trying to figure out where the alarm of questionable character was located.  It seems I climbed up the ladder, removed and replaced the offending battery, and returned to the warmth and comfort of my bed.

It is what I have been told anyway, there is no photographic documentation of the event, and as I said, I have only the slightest memory of the events.  It could have happened.

When I got home this afternoon, I saw someone cutting the pasture grass in the far back pasture, and I am glad to report that we are indeed getting a third cutting of hay this year.  The first cutting was very poor, the second cutting was pretty good, and I think this third cutting will be the best of the year.  I need to keep the fields fertilized to maintain the production.  I went out to take a photo for this entry, and even though I had expected that it was Hubert cutting, it was in reality Pauline.  Pauline loves to cut hay, and I think it would be interesting and rewarding to do myself.  I would most likely have to be very specific with the cutting, so it is probably left to someone other than myself.  Before it was over, Hubert joined her and they were both cutting hay.  It will need to dry for a while, then be raked and then baled.  I will let you know how many bales we get.

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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

2012 - Day 304/62 - Tuesday...

Is it just me, or should today be Wednesday or Thursday?  I'm just sayin...or maybe I am actually just askin...or axin...

I used to be much more startled by this than I am now, but it is still an interesting thing.  Is this really safe?  One big truck pulling two or three other big trucks, some on them heading a different direction?  Is that really safe?  It reminds me of putting dishes in the dishwasher and seeing how I can squeeze another plate or two in so I don't have to actually wash something by hand.  OR, carrying EVERYTHING from my car up the stairs to my office so I do not have to make another trip.  As I get older, I am learning that I am okay with making another trip.  All it takes is one good face smash when you TRIP UP the stairs, and you will learn.  At least until the next time.

I am relatively caught up with work, it is that slower time of year, and that is not necessarily a good thing, but it is a time of planning and being able to take a breath.  AND, after going up and down the stairs (see the paragraph above) I need all the breath I can get.

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Monday, October 29, 2012

2012 - Day 303/63 - Monday...

Oh my...

It has been a busy day, it is late, I just got home, and I am ready to go to sleep.  That is kind of what I think this week will be like.

I got up at my regular time this morning (before 4) and was ready to go by 6:15.  Everything was fine until I came upon a dump truck turned over on its' side in the middle lane of the Interstate.  Honestly, we need to do something about this.  I wonder if it would be worthwhile to enforce the speed limits on the Interstates?  Just a thought.  There has to be a way to have these roads become less hazardous.  I know, how about if everyone just works every other day.  That should reduce traffic, what do you all think?

I had an early appointment at the Board, then a meeting at the Capitol (which I did not arrive on time for nor stay for the entire meeting), than I had a haircut appointment and then a reception in the late afternoon.

The late afternoon reception was actually an appreciation event for the 2012 Major TREPAC Investors at the Austin Board of Realtors*.  It was a very nice event at the Domain, and one of the lobbyists from NAR joined us and spoke to us about what we can expect in the next year n Capitol Hill (DC not Austin).  We had about 40 Investors attend the dinner, and it was very nice.  This is a picture of me with Carrie and Barb. The place (before dinner) was REALLY sunny, which accounts for the glare in the photo.

This is shaping up to be an interesting week.  BUSY.  Stay tuned!

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Sunday, October 28, 2012

2012 - Day 302/64 - Sunday...

I did come pretty darned close to achieving my goal today, which was to do as much of nothing as I could possibly get away with.  I did stay in bed til almost 7 o'clock this morning.  Jody got up about 5:30 to take the dog out, but I was glad that he crawled back in bed and went back to sleep.  Not sure if the dog really needed to go outside or if he was hungry or if he was just checking to see if he could get Jody out of the bed or if he was just lonely and wanted to play cards.  Whatever the case, he was taken outside and then was shown his bed for another period of time.

I did make us a pile of eggs this morning, and then I swept out the garage while Jody and the boy dog went for a walk.  When they got back, we went for a ride around the neighborhood (so the dog boy can bark at other dogs), and then I went and fed the cattle.  I think they can (maybe) skip the hay next weekend, I think they have plenty of grass out there, and there is plenty of hay on the ground that they need to clean up.  Oh, and the Iris are still blooming.  I love these parchment colored ones.

We drove into Austin this afternoon to make a crusade to CostCo, and I swear the people in that place act as if they might never have another meal.  I saw one girl (mid-20's) with her cart piled with more food sample trash than she had product that she was purchasing.  Of course, part of it is I just want to feel superior to those that are getting the samples, so I just respond 'no thank you', and mutter under my breath when a nine year old unlicensed cart pusher careens his run away cart off a stack of women's fiber filled bedroom slippers causing them to crash into a pile of debris (clean up on aisle 5) and the store manager has to call the fire department to bring the jaws of life to try and extract the three carts beneath the mediums (size 7-8) and try to get a line of oxygen to the injured.  Wow, that took a turn I was not expecting.


Needless to say, we will try and rethink the days and times of our visits to CostCo.

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Saturday, October 27, 2012

2012 - Day 301/65 - Saturday...

Slept in this morning until about 6 o'clock.  The dog has learned how to complain just loudly enough that it wakes us up, but doesn't really cause any panic.  We think he is just hungry and is ready for breakfast.  I had intended to sleep later, but...

When we moved to this area of central Texas, we really had no idea about the politics of the area.  Now that we think about it, we did know that a train (several cars worth) stayed in a railroad crossing for about six weeks blocking the main street of the city.  No understandable reason why they could not move it.  But since we have been here (on the edge of nowhere which is further than the center of nowhere), we have followed the goings on of the local politicians with some amusement and a lot of amazement.  We are subscribers to the Bartlett Tribune Progress (Serving Central Texas Since 1886), so we have an accurate and non-biased source of all the information that is worthy of print.  But I digress...

We happened to be driving down the (relatively) main street of Bartlett today, and happened upon this sign in the front yard of a home.  Here we go again.  The political mouthing off has been pretty (sadly) quiet for the last several months, but I am particularly interest in what this is all about.  I will keep you all informed.

Let's talk about state required vehicle inspections for a paragraph or two, shall we.  Every year that the inspection comes due for the truck, I have a bad experience.  We don't drive the truck that much, and the weekends is the only time I have to get the inspection done.  And most of the businesses that can accomplish that task (here on the edge of nowhere) are open only during the week.  Since I try to accomplish a couple tasks at a time, I have gone twice to the same type of rapid lubrication business in Taylor, Texas where there has always been a 45 minute or longer wait.  Both years I have asked if, since I have signed in, I could go the ten or twelve blocks to the feed store, get the feed I want and come back.  NO!  Last year I left, this year I decided to stay.

After a wait of 45 minutes, I was told their computers were down (they said the DPS computers were down but I am not so sure about that), and I could MAYBE come back later in the day.  I was searching for another inspection station (cause for the encounter two paragraphs above), but was not able to.  I went to another concern in Georgetown and was told there was a 3 to 4 hour wait (which means it would take them two hours per inspection if the folks waiting were any kind of indication) and I was resigned to ask Jody to take the truck in on Monday.  BUT, LO AND BEHOLD as we were heading to Chick-Fil-A we passed a Jiffy Lube who had no wait, we were in and out in 20 minutes, and I will be back net year.


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Friday, October 26, 2012

2012 - Day 300/66 - Friday...

There was a terrible, terrible, terrible fatal wreck on the Interstate this morning.  I heard about it about 5:15 this morning, but because of the location of the wreck, there was little I could do to avoid it.  I did manage to go 20 miles before coming to a total stop.  I did get on the service road.  I did the best I could, but it still took me three hours to get to the office.  BUT, I am much more fortunate than the seven vehicles that were involved and the (at least) one person that was killed as a result.  If you are reading this, think about all the blessings you have, and the things you should be thankful for.

It has cooled off today, and the high hovered between 54 and 55 degrees most of the day.  We also received .24" of rain, and that is always welcome.  It is supposed to get down into the 40's tonight.  I am trying to resist the temptation to turn on the heat; I think I should be able to postpone it until tomorrow at the earliest.

I was supposed to have an appointment tomorrow morning, but the prospective client said he had not had time to speak with his wife to confirm schedules.  Really?  Three days is not enough time to talk to our wife about a 10 o'clock meet-up on a Saturday?  Oh, right.  Never mind...

BUT, everything works out the way it is supposed to.

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Thursday, October 25, 2012

2012 - Day 299/67 - Thursday...

I always think it is interesting to try and determine what it is that motivates individuals.  Some people like cash, some a turkey dinner, some are motivated for 5 o'clock, and some would like to go fishing.  I think we found the perfect thing today that will go a long way winning friends and influencing people (specifically our staff and agents).  We think this video will have a wide appeal and will be welcomed by all and serve as a wonderful enhancement to their video libraries.  If not, tough!

Today was my Meals-On-Wheels day, and I had seven of my nine usual clients on my route.  Two of my favorite clients are wonderful people, and I really enjoy interacting with them.  One is a lady that is very frail and I have been delivering to her for years-and-years.  She is becoming less and less mobile, and today (even though it was WARM outside) her house was probably 95 degrees and very humid.  Orchids would love the environment, and she too is a fragile flower.  Another client is a very timid gentleman, and we share a secret 'door-knock' so he will know it is me at the door.  I knock with my code, he knocks back with his code, and then I answer his knock.  Even though he knows it is me, he still just cracks the door a tiny bit before opening it to accept his meal.  Then we have a little bit of conversation, and then that is it til next week.  Fun...

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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

2012 - Day 298/68 - Wednesday...

Unfortunately, today was not as good of a day as yesterday, but fortunately, I still remember yesterday and what an excellent day it was.  Not that there was anything wrong with today, it just was not as excellent as today.  I did not get my full nap overnight, so I think that is a large part of it.

I was able to get a large portion of work done today, so that was great.  Property management business is really coming out of the walls.  We have received probably a dozen calls just in the last three days for new business, and we are running to accommodate all the callers.  That is a good problem, there are no complaints on this end.

On the way home this afternoon (my intention was to get home early, but that did not happen) this guy was hauling hay down the road a couple miles from the house.  I am a little bit envious of tractors that are big enough (and powerful enough) to carry a bale on a front fork.  Years ago, I should have bought a bigger tractor, but at the time we only had ten acres, so I bought what I needed at the time.  AND, it works wonderfully well for what we need it for, I have just learned some things since then.  AND, there is still no word on the Mule.  Folks are just kind of scratching their heads trying to figure out what is wrong with it.  I hope they figure it out, I would really like to get it back before the weekend.

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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

2012 - Day 297/69 - Tuesday...

I hope I will be able to remember this day for a long while to come.  It was a very nice and productive day, as Tuesdays go.  I got some work done in the office (one chore that I had been procrastinating about for a long time), and then I headed off to a three-hour committee meeting.  We got some truly amazing work done in less than the three hours allotted, and that was very gratifying.

On the way home this afternoon, I returned about six phone calls (nothing to distract me while driving 65 miles per hour and talking on the phone), and I was home before I really realized it.

I got out of the car up by the road to check two meters, and the newest chicken girls all rushed over to see me.  They are not as friendly as the oldest girls (they were raised differently), but they are warming up.  Chickens are interesting animals, very curious and very friendly, really.  I had also noticed more Iris blooming as I drove in, so I walked over to take a few photos.  Lovely.

I hope you had a wonderful day as well.

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Monday, October 22, 2012

2012 - Day 296/70 - Monday...

I had a pleasant ride into the city this morning, and there was not a terribly lot of stuff piled up on my desk.  Tom and Nina had taken care of almost everything, so that was wonderful.

I did get a full day of office time in though, so I am even prepared for most of the rest of the week to come.  I have one LONG meeting tomorrow, one meeting on Wednesday and I think that may be it.  Next week has the promise of being a bit hectic, but it will all fall into place.

I left the office around 3 o'clock, and headed for Hutto where I got two new tires for the car.  I had been scheduled to take the car in early (really early) tomorrow morning (and would have a loaner) but this was a much better solution to the problem.  DONE.  On the way home from there, I stopped in Taylor and voted.  DONE.  Nothing undecided here.  There was a line to vote (they had six voting stations set up) and there were people coming and going pretty steadily while I was there.  I expect there will be a good turnout for this election, and it is a study of democracy at its' best.

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Sunday, October 21, 2012

2012 - Day 295/71 - Sunday...

Home again, home again, jiggety-jig.  Nothing at all wrong with that!

I tried my very best to stay in bed longer than I did, but I slept wonderfully well last night.  Jody was at the airport when I arrived, and we were home about 8:45, so that was great.

I finally got up this morning, and did just a very few things before reading the paper, having a cup of coffee and making a pile of eggs for our breakfast.

Miguel arrived before 8 o'clock, and I get the weed-eater (the giant industrial size one) and began attacking the tall grasses up in the bee yard.  The final score was bees 1, Evans 0.

It is freakishly warm here for the third week in October, but it is supposed to cool off next weekend, with highs in the 60's and lows in the 40's.  Bring it on, I need something new to complain about.  There are several Iris blooming up by the (alleged) front tank.  Very pretty, but beaten up by the (also) freakish winds we have been having.  Not sure how long the winds are supposed to last, but it would be really nice if we could have some cooler weather and just a nice little breeze here and there.

Back to work tomorrow, should not be too much trouble digging out from whatever is on my desk.

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Saturday, October 20, 2012

Well, this is an experiment.  I am travelling home from the NARPM Convention in DC, and I am doing this blog on the flight home.  The hot spot is working well, but Southwest has this pesky little banner ad at the top of this page, and even though it says I can delete the ad and show the web-site without it, it does not seem to want to allow me to do that, so I cannot put the day count at the top of the post.  Maybe I can figure out a work-around, maybe I can't.  BUT, this will be the first post ever from 30,000 feet.  That is a brand new kind of mile-high club.

Today was a restful day over all, although I did a lot of walking around.  I stayed in bed until about 7 o'clock DC time, and got up and started packing.  Carrie and Beverly (Beberly) went across the street to the Clark Street Grill for breakfast, and I went and joined them.  Got back to the Hotel about 10, and we took a cab to DuPont Circle, where we played tourist for the next several hours.  I took lots of (okay, maybe a dozen) photos, trying to document the essence of the City on a beautiful fall day, but I am settling for this typical shot of the White House.  There were thousands of people on the (closed) street in front of the White House, and there was the typical melting pot mix of languages, dress and energy.  There is no wonder why the United States is still the envy of the world and why people not only want to be a part of this, but also are jealous and want to undermine it.  God Bless America!

We made it back to the Hotel right at 3 o'clock and got our baggage and got on the shuttle to the airport.  I think we were at the airport and through security before 3:30.  The Hotel was REALLY close to the airport.

Tomorrow I will have LOTS of work to do at the house.  Since I did absolutely nothing last weekend, I HAVE to cut the grass up in the bee yard, feed cattle, etc.  I think Miguel will probably come by to lend a hand, and that will be good.

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Friday, October 19, 2012

2012 - Day 293/73 - Friday...

This will be our last full day in DC, and the convention site for NARPM in 2013 is LaJolla, outside San Diego.  The next year will go by very rapidly, and it will be gone before we know it.

Here is a bit of useless information.  The glasses in the Hotel (in the room itself) are square.  They are very stylish looking, but have you ever tried to drink out of a square glass?  I never really gave it much thought, but drinking out of a round vessel (something that conforms to the shape of your mouth) seems to be much easier to me.

It rained here overnight and off and on throughout the day.  When it was not raining, the sun would peek out, and occasionally there would be some interesting clouds.  Late in the afternoon, after the sessions were over, I went up to my room to take a nap, and this was the view out my window.  Very nice.

Carrie and I went to dinner this evening, and I am kind of a party pooper, and was not too interested in doing any exploring after dinner.  I am certain she will find someone to go do some exploring with, and I will be rested up for the morning.  We leave in the late afternoon, so I feel like we will go and do some sightseeing before it is all over with.

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2012 - Day 292/74 - Thursday...

Yes, it is actually Friday morning and I am just composing my post for Thursday.  This has happened once or twice in the several years that I have been keeping this journal, but generally because of technical issues.  This fail was caused from tiredness and the lack of wanting to get up out of the bed and type something.

Could this be a sign?

I am still in Washington, and it was a pretty busy day of seminars and learning; eating and some drinking, schmoozing and some networking, mixed in with some long-distance working, e-mail sending and telephone call making and taking.

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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

2012 - Day 291/75 - Wednesday...

Another day in DC, and I am happy to be here.  The District of Columbia is a really nice place to visit, and it is beautiful fall weather.  Carrie and I took off part of the afternoon and went to the Capitol, and did some sightseeing.

The Statue of Freedom—also known as Armed Freedom or simply Freedom—is a bronze statue designed by Thomas Crawford that, since 1863, has crowned the dome of the U.S. Capitol in Washington, D.C. Originally named Freedom Triumphant in War and Peace, official U.S. government publications now state that the statue "is officially known as the Statue of Freedom. The statue depicts a female figure wearing a military helmet and holding a sheathed sword in her right hand and a laurel wreath and shield in her left.

We met our friend Rob in the late afternoon and had a drink and some munchies.  On the way back to the Hotel, Carrie and Rob decided they wanted to go and have some more adventures, and I headed back to the Hotel.  I had planned on ordering room service, but I was not really that hungry.  I went downstairs and walked through the trade show, and came back up tot he room.  I finally decided to go down to the gift shop to see what kind of munchies they had, and the place was closed.  I guess the close up if the staff person has to go make a pit stop.

BUT, I noticed a small little grill across from the Hotel, and I went over there and got a hot dog, fries and a piece of carrot cake to go.  PERFECT.

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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

2012 - Day 290/76 - Tuesday...

It rained a little bit at the edge of nowhere this morning, and I think it rained even more in Austin.  Jody and I headed for the airport about 9:30 and made it there with no troubles.  Jody called me about noon (I think) and let me know he had made it back home with no troubles.

There were probably about 10 or 12 folks I knew on the flight into DC, and it was a real pleasure to be on a non-stop.  We got in just a little bit late, and the hotel was not far at all from the Hotel.  We made it to the Hotel about 5:20 (EST) and we were supposed to be on a bus at 6.

We headed off for the National Zoo where we had heavy snacks in the Bird House.  I actually feel kind of sorry for the birds, maybe it is a better exhibit and/or habitat in the daylight.  I think all together there were probably about 200 of us at the evening function.  I was, however, on the first bus back.

Right now, I am back in the Hotel, and getting ready to crash.  My first meeting is at 8:30 in the morning, so I think I will be calling it a night pretty quickly.  I think there will be some sightseeing on Thursday, AND Ihave a mission to complete.

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Monday, October 15, 2012

2012 - Day 289/77 - Monday...

As Mondays go, this one did not suck.  I actually got my desk pretty much cleared off and I am cleared to take off tomorrow for the rest of the week in DC.  I will still be back and forth via e-mail and phone, but things are pretty much under control.

I left the office early today to stop on the way home and get my slow-leak fixed on my tire.  Well, it did not take nearly as long as I had allotted time for, since they said they could not fix the tire (because the steel belts on the inner wall of the tire were showing) and they did not have any tires in stock that would fit my car.  SO, I left there and called the dealer, and I now have an appointment for next Tuesday to take the car in and have the two back tires replaced.  I had the front ones replaced several months ago, so this will complete the set.  OH, and they have to order the tires as well and it takes four to five days for the tires to be shipped in, so I am only 'tentatively' getting the tires replaced next week.  We shall see...

A special shout out to the Pooter today.  I hooked up with the original Pooter this afternoon via FaceBook, you know who you are...

I have always thought this would be the perfect house for a nice Ficus plant, and I found a little one this afternoon, and I am looking forward to re-potting it several times.  That is better than planning to kill it.  I am not always the best with plants.

It is kind of cool this evening, and it is not so humid.  There is even a little bitty chance of some more rain this week.  We will see how all that turns out.

I need to think about starting to pack, but there is always tomorrow for that.  OH and by the way, I got my income tax filed today, too!

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Sunday, October 14, 2012

2012 - Day 288/78 - Sunday...

A wonderful day on the edge of nowhere.  I tried to stay in bed later than usual, and I did accomplish that, but I did not stay in bed as long as I would have liked.  The largest accomplishment I made today was getting the cattle fed, and I am now guilt ravaged because I did not cut the grass in the bee yard.  Well, it will still be there next week when I get back from DC.

I did get the cattle fed, and there were no new calves in evidence.  I tried to outsmart the cattle this morning because I wanted them to stay in the far back pasture, so I could bring hay to the front two pastures without them charging around trying to get the hay while I was still trying to get rings around it.  I thought (possibly) that if I did not make DIRECT EYE CONTACT with them that they would ignore me, but that really did not work too well.  I had to run the last hundred yards or so (that should have been something to see) to block them off before they made it into the pasture.  With one gate secured, it was not too much trouble to secure the other one so I could bring in the hay.  There was some more nice fungus here and there, and this little pinwheel example was pretty.

We did get about 1/3" of rain last night, so that was swell.  The chickens are doing well, but Very is (I hope) molting.  Either that or she has the mange.  Hopefully it is the former.

Deeds, Actions, Changes, FUNGUS, Kindnesses, Whirled Peas, FUN!

Saturday, October 13, 2012

2012 - Day 287/79 - Saturday...

I woke up at pretty much my usual time this morning, and tried my best to stay in the bed.  I think I probably dozed on and off for another hour and a half or so, and finally got up about 6 o'clock because I thought the dog wanted to go outside.  I think he really just wanted some company, or maybe he was just hungry, BUT after I got up he was perfectly happy to stay in his bed and go back to sleep.

We could hear the coyotes out in the pastures and the fields this morning as we sat at the kitchen table reading the paper.  I thought it best to not let the chickens loose until well after sun up.  I have quit opening the gate to their pen before I leave for work, because it is still dark for almost two hours after I leave.  That gives Jody a chance to let them loose when he takes the dog outside, and not so much of a chance of something getting into their pen and having a good hearty breakfast.

Speaking of breakfasts, I made a pile of offs this morning, and then I headed outside to get the Mule ready to go for a ride.  The Mule runs perfectly well under an alternative power source, but I hope this trip to the Kawasaki dealer will get it fixed.  I just had it in the shop in June, and that is too short of a time between visits if you ask me.  I do not know what the trouble is this time, maybe it is the carburetor, maybe it is something different.  They will start working on it Tuesday (they are closed now until Tuesday) and maybe it will get taken care of this time.  It is interesting how dependent you get on something like that when you are out here on the edge of nowhere.

I had a one o'clock appointment this afternoon that lasted until almost four o'clock, and then Jody and I went to the Catfish Parlor for dinner.  Tomorrow will be a day of cutting more grass and feeding cattle.  I think we have a new calf out in the back (courtesy of Orchid) but I will not know that for sure until tomorrow.  AND, we have has 0.04" of rain since the last post, and supposed to have a good chance of rain tonight and tomorrow morning.  Probably just enough to make it difficult to get the cattle fed.

Deeds, Actions, Changes, MULES, Kindnesses, Whirled Peas, FUN!

Friday, October 12, 2012

2012 - Day 286/80 - Friday...

Yes Virginia, there is a Friday.  Even if they do precede Mondays by just a few days, there is still a weekend in between them.

Last year (or maybe the year before, it is hard to keep up), our friends Bruce and Melody came to visit us, and every day they thought it was going to rain because of the clouds.  We will just laugh and laugh because even though these may look like rain clouds to the uninformed, we just think of them as fleeting shade.  But I do like clouds, and don't need much of a push to take a picture.

Our crack meteorologists today had some new words on their weather forecast this afternoon, Hydrometeorological Prediction Center.  What the hell is that?  Whatever it is, it thinks that between now and Monday we may receive between .75" and 1.0" of rain.  We will wait and see, and I wil be the judge of their accuracy.

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Thursday, October 11, 2012

2012 - Day 285/81 - Thursday...

I seemed to be a pretty popular guy today.  People were clamoring to hug on me and kiss on me.  Who am I to deny the masses (wink-wink) the fulfillment of their needs?  As evidenced by this candid photo of Stephen and me, I kept a stiff upper lip and persevered through the ordeal, with an ever present smile on my face and an appropriate pucker on my lips.  Oh and by the way, do you have twenty-dollars I can have?

We benefited from .44" of rain today.  It rained a couple times in Austin, so I figured there would be no rain out here, but I was very pleasantly surprised.  Especially since there was little or no indication from the professional prognosticators of precipitation that we would receive any wetness.  Happy turn of events!

The coyotes have been particularly active for the past week or so.  A couple days ago, they were very close by and it is always kind of nice to hear them.  Tonight when I went out to put the girls to bed, they were howling again and they kept sounding closer and closer.  I actually thought they had come between me and and front of the house; kind of between me and the front barn.  After I secured the girls, I carried a crow bar with me back to the house.  I do not really think a pack of coyotes would bother me (I have no factual evidence to base that on), but I really think they would try to avoid a confrontation with me as much as I would avoid a close-encounter with them, but there is no reason NOT to have a nice sturdy (kind of a) weapon as long as there is one handy.


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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

2012 - Day 284/82 - Wednesday...

Well, the newest of the girls will be six months old this coming Sunday, just four days from now.  Usually you can expect them to start laying at about six months old.  We think one of them might be practicing a few moves, this tiny little egg was discovered this evening when I got home.  Cute as it can be!  This is the second of these little demitasse eggs we have gathered up since we have been herding chickens.  The last one was probably last year sometime, when the intermediate girls were coming of age.  Farm life!

I am feeling much calmer today than I was yesterday.  I was not able to go directly to sleep last night, I got up and watched the television for a couple hours, even though my eyes were burning from tiredness.  I finally got back in the bed around mid-night and probably slept more than I think I did, it just seems like I was awake most of the night.  Many times when that happens Jody says he thinks I am too tired to sleep, and he could be right.

Tomorrow will be another busy day, and I have a couple meetings and will be going like that until five o'clock.  Friday meeting in the morning til noon time.  And then it will be the weekend.

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Tuesday, October 9, 2012

2012 - Day 283/83 - Tuesday...

Well, Tuesday is almost over, and it was a good (but really busy) day.

This is what an early morning wreck looks (kind of) like in the abstract.  This is much better than it looked after having been in traffic for two hours.  I specifically left the house extra early today to get to the office to do some work before I headed off to the Convention Center (today was the Realty Round-Up trade show for the Austin Board of REALTORS*.  No such luck.  I got to the Convention Center on time, but was not able to get to the office.  Glad we live in the age of electronic communications, but not particularly thrilled that we live in the age of instant gratification.  EVERYBODY:  JUST WAIT A MINUTE!

After we concentrate on how inconvenienced we are for someone elses unfortunate situation, let's think just for a second about the folks that were in the wreck.  Most likely the guy in the 18-Wheeler did not suffer a scratch, but I think (just possibly) that the folks (most likely one) that were in the little black car that was wedged sideways underneath (and in the middle of the) 18-Wheeler are probably gonna have a mark.  I'm talking about the 'that's gonna leave a mark' kind of mark.  After everything is said and done, I hope they were okay.  I will try to think more about the people in the wreck from here on out and less about how badly inconvenienced I was but their unfortunate circumstance.

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Monday, October 8, 2012

2012 - Day 282/84 - Monday...

Traffic was a breeze this morning, and I doubt it had anything to do with the non-Holiday that was observed by (pretty much) no one except the mailman and maybe a slew of Federal Employees.  Probably some of the Banks (not all) were closed as well.  I think it had more to do with the fact that I left for work at 5:15 this morning.  I was meeting Emily at my office at 7:30 to head to San Antonio for a quick TREPAC check presentation.  In and out, nobody gets hurt.  I did have to do a few things in the office before I left, so that was the reason for the early start.  Plus, I do not like to be late, and you never know what traffic will be doing, so there you have it.

I was back in the office before Noon, and got more work done and even got my tax paperwork e-mailed in to the CPA.  I feel certain that there will be a few questions, but I think it is all together enough that they should not have too many issues getting it all prepared.

The cooler weather (okay, three days now) combined with the little bit of rain we had a couple weeks ago has given many of the flowering plants around the house a second wind.  The four o'clocks and the purslane and the lavenders and the cannas are really blooming nicely.  The lantanas are doing nicely as well, I particularly like the multi-colored ones.  And the roses out in the circle (mutabilis) have just gone crazy.  Since I doubt that we will have too many more scorchingly hot days, I think we will be rewarded with a lovely colorful fall season.  Fingers crossed.

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Sunday, October 7, 2012

2012 - Day 281/85 - Sunday...

I had absolutely no motivation whatsoever to get out of the bed this morning.  As a result, I stayed in bed until about 7:30, and it was great.  I contemplated what it would be like to just stay in the bed the entire day, and how long would I have to stay there motionless until bed-sores would develop.  Really, I was not motivated.

When I finally did get out of the bed, I went and loosed the girls, brought in the paper, and as soon as I sat down to read the paper, I spilled my orange juice all over the first three or four sections of the paper.  It dried pretty quickly, so it was not a terrible ordeal.  Shortly afterwards, I dressed and went out and started cutting the grass at the front of the house.  I got all that done, but did not cut the grass in the bee yard.

Miguel arrived, and he got all the bushes and tree limbs trimmed off the house, then went out and fed the cattle.  Jody made us all pancakes, so we ate and headed back out.  I was cutting around the pecan trees, peach trees, apple and plums, and the idea was for Miguel to cut the big expanses of grass with the tractor.  While that was going on, I went and got the pool cover and the styrofoam floats out of the front barn to get that all done for the season.  Of course, when I went out to the pool, a piece of the polaris had broken, so I had to go get that part replaced before I could cover the pool.  But, it all went pretty well.

And why should anyone wait until the last minute to put air in the tires.  ALL of the tires.  I have a slow leak in one of my car tires, and I end up putting air in that tire a couple times a week.  The cooler then warmer temperatures definitely have an effect on the air pressure in the tires.  BUT, I got air in all eight tires on various vehicles, but I did not put any air in Jody's tires, so I hope he does not get a flat anytime soon.

The afternoon was pretty much spent getting the final touches on my 2011 Income Tax which I really should have had to my CPA a couple months ago.  They sent me a gentle reminder last week, and I just need about six more numbers and I will be ready to get it all e-mailed in to them.  It is pretty depressing to realize (almost a year after the fact) that I did not make any money in 2011.  I kind of thought that, but the confirmation is still kind of disheartening.  I believe I am having a better year this year, I'll let you know in a year or son.

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Saturday, October 6, 2012

2012 - Day 280/86 - Saturday...

I found a multitude of fungi out in the yard between the house and the road this afternoon, but I did not get around to taking a snap shot until I was putting the girls to bed this evening, so the shot is a little bit blurry.  This was the biggest example, and they are really kind of interesting.  Whole little eco-systems all unto themselves.  I bet they were even lovelier before the wind and chickens got to them.

The high temperature today (I think) probably occurred at mid-night, and what we traditionally would think of as a high temperature for the day never broke the high 50's.  I think it is expected to be even cooler tonight and tomorrow, then a warming trend throughout the coming week.  We may not see any more temperatures in excess of 90 degrees for the rest of this year, but I would not take money on it.

I wonder if my sub-conscious is trying to tell me something.  On two different occasions today, Jody and I left the house for significant periods of time and I failed to take my cell phone with me.  The first time I did not even realize it until we returned home, and the second time we were about four miles away from the house before I knew it (and I decided not to go back for it).  And nothing terrible happened.  I wonder if the universe is trying to tell me I should take a chill-pill?  Couldn't hurt probably.

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Friday, October 5, 2012

2012 - Day 279/87 - Friday...

Do you hear that?  It sounds like Friday...

Among other things, I went on a field trip today.  A nice time was had by all.  I have been to the LBJ Library a couple times in the past, but I doubt that I have been there in the past twenty years.  It is an impressive place, and very interesting.  In addition to this limo (not fortified, not used WHILE he was President) there is a scale model of the Oval Office as well, and I think all that stuff is very interesting.  This particular limo was purchased by him after he returned to Austin, just for him to tool around the city in.  And even though I had always heard (or at least believed) the President and First Lady did not really have an apartment in the Library.  They did have a 'suite' which I interpret to believe was a 'parlor' type room where they could rest.  No over-nighters though.

It is going to be a nice weekend.  A cold front is supposed to come through tomorrow, and that should drop the HIGH temperatures on Sunday into the 60's.  I will believe it when I feel it.

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Thursday, October 4, 2012

2012 - Day 278/88 - Thursday...

I fear I have become a victim of 'Big City Syndrome'.  It is a curse.  Three years ago this month, Jody and I moved from the Inner-City to the country.  Traffic is always more crowded and congested when school is in session, I understand that.  The University of Texas (I started to mis-spell University just for a joke) is the has the second largest enrollment of any public college in the United States, and I am sure there will something done about THAT in short order.  BUT, I digress.  Traffic since the fall semester began has been noticeably worse.  On a consistent basis, it takes me an hour-and-a-half to commute from the house to the office.  I feel like the California sh*t theory has finally hit.  You know, politically speaking, California sh*t rolls downhill, and eventually makes its' way to Texas (Austin).  AND since a generous number of our new residents have journeyed here from far away and exotic places like Bakersfield (whatever), I can only assume that they brought their (my) theory along with them.


I did get to spend a good bit of time in the office today, and about three o'clock I headed out to the Board for a Volunteer Appreciation function.  It was a really nice event, and there were lots of deserving volunteers in attendance.  I especially like a party that allows me to carry-out, and I took full advantage of that.  Okay, well maybe they didn't let me, but I carried-out none-the-less.  Jody was happy with the haul.

I am totally looking forward to the weekend.  I will take it easy most of Saturday, but there will be work to get done on Sunday.  Two good things should also happen on Sunday; the cold front should have arrived by then, and Miguel is scheduled to come out and help get some things done.

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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

2012 - Day 277/89 - Wednesday...

This is a perfect case of a violation of the Code of Ethics, specifically 'Present a True Picture in all Your Advertising'.  From the expression on my face, you would think the banana pudding I was eating was much better than it was in reality.  Of course the argument could also be made that it could not have been particularly repulsive because I was eating it, and did not leave a particularly large portion in the container.  But honestly, it really was not that great your honor, no matter what the photo relates.  Can't we all just get along?  Or at least get some better banana pudding?  SOMETHING?

Busy day today, and the next ten days will be busy as well.  Lots of meetings, planning sessions, etc.  Local and state levels.  Includes a quick trip to San Antonio as well.

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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

2012 - Day 176/90 - Tuesday...

It's late and I am tired.  It was an early day today, and traffic outsmarted me or perhaps I outsmarted myself.  I think the latter is definitely a possibility.  As I was getting ready for work this morning, I heard that the lower deck on the Interstate was closed, so I decided to take MoPac into the Office (as did all the other people that heard the same report that I heard.  AS SOON AS I exited to get on MoPac, the radio reported that the blockage on the lower deck had been cleared, and all was good.  BUT it was too late for me.  Another commute that took two hours to complete.

I had a couple meetings to attend today, and this evening was the annual Women's Council of REALTORS® Bras for a Cause to fight breast cancer.  The event was held at Maggiano's at the Domain and it was a lot of fun.  Good food, good conversations with colleagues, and just a really nice event for a really important cause.  The auction items went well (Bras, Liquor Wagon, Silent Auction items), and I am hoping they were able to raise a lot of money for all the efforts they put in.

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Monday, October 1, 2012

2012 - Day 275/91 - Monday...

Just WHO is afraid of Virginia Woolf?  Most likely the same people that are afraid of this Nook.  You got a Nook?  You like it?  Let us know...

Not terrible for a Monday, but I have had better (usually the last day of a three day weekend).

Interestingly I have been having nice dreams for the past several evenings.  I am really not up for discussing them, but they were nice.  Just nice.  Happy.  Contented.  Not conflicted.  Pleasant.  G-Rated.  Wake up with happy thoughts dreams.  And at least a couple days in a row!

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