Monday, April 1, 2024

Volume 16 - Day 92/274, 2024 - Monday

Hmmm. April Fool's Day. Jody's birthday. Martha's Birthday. Our little company was started 24 years ago today, too.  lot of things for me to remember on this day every year, and it is all easy for me to remember. The day started with a nice walk, as usual, there were four of us. After the walk, it was a little bit of breakfast for me and the girls, and today, being the first, is pill day for the girls. Then it was off to the office. Even though today is the first of the month, it was a calm and quiet day. That is not always the case for property managers, but today was nice and calm. I left the office at about 1:30 and made it home about an hour later. There were no stops on the way home, and I had a pimento cheese flip, and that was my lunch and dinner. I was going to have some salmon for dinner, but it looked kind of bad, it has been in the refrigerator for eight days, so even I had second thoughts about it. I need to figure this ready-made-meals thing from HEB thing out, because I am not really that keen on wasting food. It may mean I need to go to HEB more than once a week. It is supposed to rain pretty heavily tonight, and maybe even some high winds and hail. I got all the catkins off the furniture on the back deck, so when it rains it won't stain the cushions. That is the plan, anyway. After a little bit more of doing nothing, I headed off to my HOA Landscape Committee meeting, and it was a good meeting. The photo accompanying this journal entry has nothing at all to do with the topics of the entry, it was just a neat bit of an old car I saw this morning on the way in to the office. I think it is an old Pontiac, not sure. Joe Mac?

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