Tuesday, April 2, 2024

Volume 16 - Day 93/273, 2024 - Tuesday

Okay, this day is almost done, and I am a little bit stressed out. Unfortunately, I brought all the stress onto myself, and that is not an unusual occurrence. I do that a lot. First world problems, and it will all work out. We had a great walk this morning, and James joined me, Paul, and Jack. Richard was feeling a little bit queasy, so he did not walk.James and his girlfriend (Kim) moved a couple houses away from me about five months or so ago, and it has been fun getting to know them. James walks with us every now and then, and this morning, he presented us with Easter goody bags that Kim made up for us. Very, VERY sweet! Good neighbors are the best! After the walk, the ROMEOs all regathered for breakfast, and and Richard made it too. We all had the usual, which is a lot of laughs and problem solving. In addition, Richard ordered a cinnamon roll, and it looked REALLY GOOD. I may have to go back sometime for one of those. It was huge! I also got my perfect stranger selfie, and that is what is adorning this journal entry. Then on to the office. It was a good day in the office, and I got everything done that needed to be done, and between office time and home office time, I am 'this close' to being ready for the CPA appointment on Friday. THIS CLOSE! I just need about four more numbers, and that will be it. I will be done with everything by noon tomorrow, and ready for the MAN! For dinner, I had something was was frozen, something that had a best by date sometime in 2022. Whatever it was, it has not killed me yet, so I think I am good. Time to go pet a couple girl dogs, and pile up in the big chair and watch some tv. Lator, gator!

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