Friday, November 4, 2022

Volume 14 - Day 308/57, 2022 - Friday

Okay, just a trace of rain overnight, and we got spritzed on during the walk this morning. During the day, we got 0.41" of rain in the gauge, and later in the afternoon/evening, we got about 0.22". There was a pretty good lightning show this evening, but no thunder, which I think is pretty odd. I had two zooms today, my usual 8:30 Friday zoom and then another one at 11:30. Really, sometimes, zoom meetings are just easier to attend. No driving makes it good. If the late morning zoom had been in person, I would have driven at least 30 minutes to and from the meeting, so I do not HATE zoom meetings, it just depends on the meeting. After everything, I headed home this afternoon, and tried to take a nap, but that did not work. Paulina and Oliver came by the house this afternoon, and that was nice, I have not seen them in a good while. My friend Terry and I went to dinner this evening in Liberty Hill (Dahlia's). While we were there, it rained pretty heavily, but it did not bother us a bit. Chicken Fried Steak. Yummy. It's gonna be a pretty fun weekend, so stay tuned.

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