Wednesday, November 23, 2022

Volume 14 - Day 327/38, 2022 - Wednesday

There was no lack of topics (and photos) for me to choose from for this journal entry: Sunrise, assholes, wrecks, assholes, Deb. I chose to go with Deb, my neighbor down the street, who came and harvested the first Meyer lemon from my back patio plant. There are still about 11 more that a almost ready to be picked and passed out to friends and colleagues. I hope it makes a great lemon zest for her Thanksgiving dinner tomorrow. It smelled really good. Or maybe that was me, I'm not sure, but I am pretty sure it was the lemon. The sunrise was really brilliant this morning while we were walking. Dick did not walk, he was having a bit of a reaction to his latest Covid vaccination. Assholes. Where shall I begin. The traffic this morning was expectedly light, but what traffic there was the result of a bunch of maniacal drivers. I repeat: Leave Earlier. Then there was the guy at Upper Crust that parked his truck sideways in three spaces in front of the store. We were patiently in line, supposing that they parked that truck just to keep things from looking so congested. We were wrong. The guy came out with a cup of coffee and a bear claw, and said his truck was too big to park otherwise. I goaded to woman in front of me in line to become a Karen, and she let loose on him. It does not take much to turn otherwise pacifist pie seekers into an angry mob. I am very proud of myself, she became crazy by proxy. I am pretty sure I am ready for tomorrow, even though we are expecting rain for the next two days. We will take whatever we can get!

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