Thursday, November 10, 2022

Volume 14 - Day 314/51, 2022 - Thursday

There is certainly no lack of photos that could easily grace this journal entry. The real challenge was which one to use from, probably, at least a hundred images. It has been a pretty long day...several meetings throughout the day, lunch with friends, and finally the installation of our 2023 NAR Chair, Kenny Parcell from Utah. I have known Kenny for many years, and there is no doubt he will great advocate for all the things we believe to be worthwhile. It has been fun to see so many friends and colleagues that we have worked with for so many years.It is a great organization, and it includes hundreds of volunteers that donate their time and expertise to make our profession a better one. My work with this organization makes me happy, and I will definitely miss it when my volunteer days come to an end. I often wonder what will be next.

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