Thursday, November 17, 2022

Volume 14 - Day 321/44, 2022 - Thursday

It appears that we are in for a period of grey days and biting cold. Cold for us in central Texas is a lot different than cold in places where it really gets cold. Don't judge. is supposed to be cold AND raining on Saturday. Ugh. I fully expect we will survive this latest first world inconvenience, although it will be worth at least a few days of whining. Bring it on! It was chilly when the walk started this morning, and then I think it became even colder by the time we were finished. I went to a TREPAC luncheon this afternoon, and I swear it was colder after lunch than before lunch. The thermometer in my car said it was about 60 degrees on the way home, but I did not really feel it. The luncheon was very nice, and once again, it was really nice to see friends and colleagues that have been out of pocket since COVID. The photo accompanying this journal entry includes Owen (South Carolina), me, Cathy (Austin), and Ben (Beaumont). It was fun, food was good, and I was served the biggest carrot I have ever seen. 

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