Tuesday, November 15, 2022

Volume 14 - Day 319/46, 2022 - Tuesday

Well, I think the lemons are just about done. There is still just a bare hint of green on them, so if you are a lemon authority, please let me know your thoughts. I had no idea how long lemons took to ripen, but it seems like these have been eight or nine months, at least. There are about a dozen of them on this Meyer lemon plant, so there will be plenty to share. I just checked with Mrs. Google, and she said they can stay on the tree as long as I want and they will remain fresh, but I need to remove them before a big freeze. We have had a couple chilly mornings, but the bush is relatively well protected from the worst part of the heat and cold. I got back in to the office today after being out of town for six days. Everything was pretty well under control, and I even took an on-line class this afternoon. I did get most everything cleared off my desk, and I can start fresh tomorrow. 

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