Tuesday, November 1, 2022

Volume 14 - Day 305/60, 2022 - Tuesday

Hmmm. It's already November, and pretty soon it won't be 2022 anymore. Last night was a blast! We had (maybe) 12 to 20 trick or treaters come by the Curious House, BUT, I did have four neighbors come by and sit on the front patio with me for a couple hours. We never do run out of stuff to talk about, and it was great! Me, Teri, Jack, Judy and Bob. So much fun just sitting around and shooting the bull (that's what my did used to say). I did not walk this morning, I got up, did all my morning stuff, and then left the house about 7:45 and headed to Waco. All the REALTOR® Boards are so welcoming and gracious when they ask up to come by and present on their behalf. I finished my most recent book on the way up there, and had breakfast, did my presentation, and headed home. I stopped and did two errands on the way home, and I got home about 1:30. I did a little work, crossed some things off my list, and went down for a nap. Tomorrow will be a bit more of an ordinary day; walk, drive, sign, read, drive, eat, nap, eat, sleep. Repeat!

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