Monday, November 7, 2022

Volume 14 - Day 311/54, 2022 - Monday

When we left for our walk this morning, it was 73 degrees and 97% humidity. That is code for 'feels like' 120 degrees and three thousand percent humidity. It is November 7th Mother Nature, did you not get the memo? It is supposed to cool down towards the end of the week, and we will welcome that for a couple days before we start complaining. It was a little bit dribbly today, spotty little patches of rain here and there, nothing really to get excited about, and the windshield wipers hardly came on at all. I marked a lot of stuff off my list at the office, and that was good. I had a couple appointments, too, and those went well. Tomorrow is election day, I think everyone needs to exercise that right, so I hope you all vote and let your voice be heard. I have a couple things to get done tomorrow, laundry is one of those things, and that is a 'must do!' Otherwise, not a lot more going on, not that there is anything wrong with that. I almost forgot. Go up and look at the first sentence in this post. On our walk, one of the houses we pass has this inflatable Christmas display working already. Santa is not really ready, which is why I think he was ready to fall over dead. might be just a little early for this. Not judging. Oh yeah, and I think I will set my alarm to see the lunar eclipse tomorrow morning. If you need a wake-up call from me, send me a text.

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