Tuesday, November 22, 2022

Volume 14 - Day 326/39, 2022 - Tuesday

...and, speaking of estate sales...these little treasures were happened upon at the last estate sale we hit last Saturday. FREE! There was a note in the box, FREE! So, of course, I loaded them up, much to the chagrin of Diane, Deb and Marge. They do not seem to understand my new fascination with old baby dolls. Well, I am not sure I do either, but I just started looking for old dolls. Admittedly, I will have to clean these up a bit before I bring them in the house, but they are lovely in their own right. Even the one-eyed one. I think I will nick name her Dead Eye. If anyone has a Chucky doll in the attic that they no longer want, I will be happy to pay the freight. It just makes the Curious House even more curiouser! One zoom yesterday, one zoom today, and a listing appointment this afternoon with Maggie. It was a good appointment, the house needs some work, and we don't really expect the house to go on the market until sometime next year. Pool, view and yard. The Seller called it the trifecta. It will be fun, and it is always fun getting to work with Maggie. I am finishing off a bottle of wine I opened about a month ago. Over the long weekend, I will do some work out in the garage, which includes bringing two boxes of wine in...just to make more room in the garage. Tomorrow is the last day of office stuff for this week, I think we should all consider working three-day-weeks, especially for six or eight months after we set the clocks forward of back. Just sayin'.

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