Monday, November 14, 2022

Volume 14 - Day 318/47, 2022 - Monday

I am having a difficult time realizing that today is Monday, because I was not supposed to come home until tomorrow, so, I think it is Tuesday. I changed my flight the other day to return early, and I am glad to get home. We have had a few days right at the freezing mark, I think most of the plants made it, but I am not too sure about the plumeria. It might be touch and go until spring. Dammit. I went and picked up the girls, and I think they are happy to be home, it is kind of hard to tell. They had a good time with Paulina, Val and Oliver, so that is good. I attended my final NAR BOD meeting this morning, I roll off as a NAR Director at the end of this year, but at the beginning of the year, I will take a seat as a Texas Director. It is good to be home, and I will be calling it an early night. The photo accompanying this entry was taken this morning of me with my two wicked step sisters, Deborah and Nancy. They are wicked and evil, but I love them both. And they tolerate me!

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