Friday, November 18, 2022

Volume 14 - Day 322/43, 2022 - Friday

If it's Friday, I had my usual (usually unusual) 8:30 zoom call this morning. I always like it when I get to raise my voice. It went on longer than usual (unusually long), and I did not leave for town until after 10 o'clock. I got in to the office and did some power real estate, and then it was off to the Sine Die Smokers 2022 Cookin' for a Cause. This year is the 20th year they have done the event, and it benefits No Hunger, Inc., and the Central Texas Food Bank. Mace (see photo, when did he get so tall, and his mom Holly in the middle) started No Hunger, Inc. several years ago, and he is now a High School Freshman. I was late to this game, and have been attending a couple years, and this year Carrie and I became sponsors. There are so many great causes! Back to the office after a really good lunch, and then went to preview a property, and then I got my hair cut. Hairs. Then home, and I am in for the night. Tomorrow will be kind of busy, and so will Sunday Tomorrow will be estate sales (4) and tomorrow night is the Preview Party for the Austin Empty Bowl Project. On Sunday, I will be the trash man for empty bowl, and later that evening I will have a meeting with a prospective client. Life is good.

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