Tuesday, January 10, 2023

Volume 15 - Day 10/355, 2023 - Tuesday

It was 84 degrees today in central Texas, a lovely, bright, clear sky day, perfect for putting the top down. I had no photos of interest to include with this journal entry, and I noticed a few Facebook friends were posting their photos from two-years-ago-today. I went back through my camera roll to January 10, 2021, and the photo accompanying this entry is what I found. On that date, I had lived in the Curious House for eleven days, and was still going to the farm on a daily basis to feed the chickens and check on things. I have to admit, it was lovely at the farm on this day, two years ago. And quiet. It was very, very, quiet. What was going to happen about a month later was thought to be impossible, but now we know and understand, never underestimate Mother Nature. Dick and Paul and I walked this morning, Jay had a few things too many on his chore list to accompany us for the walk for for the ROMEOs breakfast. Paul, Dick, Jack, Peter and I had a great breakfast, and as usual, we were not at a loss for things to talk about. I got in to the office, got a bunch of stuff done, made a bunch of phone calls, went to visit a lease listing, and then took off for home about 2:30. I had one errand to take care of, and now I am happily ensconced at the Curious House, waiting to be disappointed with the selection of entertainment on television tonight. Status Quo.

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