Thursday, January 5, 2023

Volume 15 - Day 5/360, 2023 - Thursday

Okay, it was 37 degrees when I started the walk this morning, cooler than I was expecting. It made it up to 70 this afternoon, so that does not suck. Not expected to be as chilly tomorrow morning, but a nice afternoon again, and probably rain on Saturday. Maybe more rain on Sunday. Kind of a cold front coming in overnight on Friday, but warming up again next week. I had a zoom meeting this morning, there were about 125 people on the call, and it was an interesting call. I got in to the office about 11 o'clock, and it was another pretty good day. A few accomplishments, no set-backs, and some good stuff accomplished. Two out of three listings that have been languishing on the market for way too long have apps, so that is about the best I could ask for. I have a couple listing appointments over the weekend and that will be nice to get a few new listings going. There may be another zoom in my future tomorrow morning, but I am not sure. Tomorrow being Friday is pretty damned exciting. A couple estate sales on Saturday, and those are always fun. Full moon tomorrow night, too.

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