Sunday, January 1, 2023

Volume 15 - Day 1/364, 2022 - Sunday

I knew that if I just looked hard enough, I would find some black eyes peas in the pantry. Best by date, schmest by date. These peas are/were canned about 14 years ago, but I am not dead yet, so quit worrying. I will finish them off one day this week (probably at least three more servings), and I did add a little bit of salsa to them, just for good measure. Good salsa will kill just about anything, so I have no worries. It was a lovely day in central Texas today, the high temperature reached almost 80 degrees. It was a perfect day to put the top down and go for a ride. I did some more laundry today, too, and now everything I own is clean. Last night (New Year's Eve) marked two years of living in the Curious House. Two years has gone by pretty quickly, but I remember that first night pretty well. Jack and John came over today and cleaned some of the carpets in the house, two years worth of stuff, including a few dog spots, are not gone. The girls are pretty good, but they do have their occasional accidents. Nothing terrible. I have nothing left on my list of chores, but I think I have some garage organizing in my future. I am looking forward to the extra day off tomorrow, and more black eyed peas!

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