Tuesday, January 17, 2023

Volume 15 - Day 17/348, 2023 - Tuesday

I had to take off really early this morning, so I didn't have time to go for a walk. I had an 8 o'clock meeting, and you never know what traffic is going to do, so I left at about 6:30. Traffic was heavy, but there were few stoppages, and I made it to where I was going by 7:15. The next challenge was getting into the building, which I accomplished, but then I could not get into the office where the meeting was going to be held. Eventually, it all worked out, and now I am back home completing this journal entry. The meeting was at the Texas REALTORS® office, just southeast of the Capitol. At about lunchtime, we could hear the cannons sounding and jets flying overhead. Today is/was the inauguration of the Governor, and there was lots of stuff going on. I made it to the office at about 1:30, got a goodly amount of work done, and headed home about 3 o'clock. Tomorrow will be another no-walk day, I will leave the house at about 8 o'clock or so, and head directly to a meeting New Braunfels. After that, my week will be back on a more normal schedule. So far, it has been a pretty fun week, and I have enjoyed it. Don't mess it up!

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