Monday, January 23, 2023

Volume 15 - Day 23/342, 2023 - Monday

It is not supposed to be as cold tomorrow morning as it was today, but there is a better than even chance that it will be raining. If it is raining, I will not be walking, but I will be having breakfast with the other ROMEOs. It's a Tuesday morning tradition. It will not be a rushed day at all, maybe a walk, breakfast at 9, my first meeting at 11:30, another meeting (zoom) at 1. Totally doable. I had an appointment (I thought) with a new pest control company at the Curious House. As I waited and waited, I found that I forgot to push 'send' on the text message, confirming I was available today from 3-5 for their first appointment. All that angst about them missing their appointment and it was my fault the whole time. Ugh. I still have not gotten around to washing the Piglet's face, and I doubt that I will do it tonight. We are not expecting company any time soon, so there is still time. I do have a new adventure on my 'want to do' list, and I think I just might get it accomplished in the next two weeks or so. You will all be pretty damned surprised if/when I get it done. Of course, I will report it here on this journal. Enjoy your evening!

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