Tuesday, January 24, 2023

Volume 15 - Day 24/341, 2023 - Tuesday

We got a little bit of ran over night (0.19"), and more throughout the day (0.32") for a respectable half-inch or so. That was, however, far short of the inch-and-a-half they were predicting. But, bottom line, we were really pretty lucky. Parts of Texas got snow, parts of Texas faced tornados, parts of Texas had flooding. All-in-all, we got some rain, and that is the end of that story. The power went out again, for no apparent reason, and certainly for no good reason, as far as I know. It went out about 5:45 this morning, and came back on about 7:30. The grid in this particular section of central Texas seems to be shaky, at best. I made it to lunch with two of my fellow ROMEOs, and we had a couple rounds of lively discussions. After that, I headed to the Austin Board for an 11:30 luncheon and then a 1 o'clock zoom meeting. I made it home about 3 o'clock, took a quick nap, and then fed the girls and myself. It is about time to go sprawl out on the couch for a night of not paying attention to the television. As for Bonnie, I prefer Cream of Tomato or a nice Clam Chowder.

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