Monday, January 9, 2023

Volume 15 - Day 9/356, 2023 - Monday

Another pretty good day here, it started out really chilly, but warmed up into the 70s before the sun went down. It is supposed to be in the 80s tomorrow and Wednesday, and then another cold front, down to the 60s. I had a couple appointments this morning, a 10 o'clock and an 11 o'clock. Both appointments went well, I am happy with the outcomes. I had a few, kind of minor first world inconveniences this afternoon, but that really just means that I am a lucky guy. I still have not paid attention to the garage, I have been just slopping things here and there, and it is about to get to me. I really need to spend an hour or two to get it all back and pretty.  I should really try to spend a few minutes on making myself all pretty too, but I am not sure I have the time to do that. It is what it is. I had several things on my list to get accomplished today, and most of them are crossed off. Not all, but most, and that is as good as it's gonna get today. THe picture accompanying todays entry was seen this morning during our walk, on the sidewalk, going past the pocket park. Not a bad way for go past the park!

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