Tuesday, January 3, 2023

Volume 15 - Day 3/362, 2023 - Tuesday

I put 2022 on this post originally, but I caught myself. Last night, I ate the rest of the black eyed peas from 2008, and I am still breathing. It was a bit cooler this morning for our walk, but it was another really good day for driving with the top down. It was a pretty good day overall, after the walk, there was a bit of time spent on personal hygiene and then I headed off for breakfast with the ROMEOs. I think today might have been a record breaker, there were six of us. Our walks are really fun in the mornings, and the walk carried over to the breakfast conversations. Fun! The office was relatively calm today as well, even though it is the first business day of a new year. Things are going really well, and if this keeps up, it should be a pretty good year. I am even threatening to get back on my bike, we (me, Dick and Pam) and going to start doing some short rides, with the goal being the Georgetown Red Poppy Ride in April. I will keep you informed. It was 75 degrees in central Texas today, the threatened rains overnight did not happen, and it doesn't suck to be here in January. So far.

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