Monday, January 16, 2023

Volume 15 - Day 16/349, 2023 - Monday

It's not a red problem. It's not a blue problem. It's a purple solution! I think great things can happen if we could all just give a little and take a little. Compromise is not a bad thing. I am plagued with allergies right now. I did a bike ride on Saturday, and on yesterday it hit me. I am generally in good shape when it comes to central Texas allergens, but it got me this year. I have resorted to blowing my nose, and I am not keen on that at all. I hacked, sneezed and sniffled my way through meetings today at the Texas REALTORS® office, and I expect I will be doing the same thing tomorrow. I was invited to attend a dinner tonight, but I took a pass, and I think I will climb in to the bed a little earlier tonight, and hope that a good sleep will help me overcome this ill. The meetings today were good, and I am looking forward to doing my volunteer work going forward this year. Keeping with the purple solution theme, we all got together in our purple glory, and this is the photo that resulted. 

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