Sunday, March 5, 2023

Volume 15 - Day 64/301, 2023 - Sunday

I know I have only been here two days, but so far, Playa del Carmen has exceeded all my expectations. Playa del Carmen, where everybody walks their dogs everywhere, and 7-11 stores are landmarks. Go to the second 7-11 and turn right, and then when you get to the fourth 7-11, turn left and that is where you are going. Eezy-Schmeezy. This morning Candy and I went and met our friend William and his wife Gayathri (or just G) for breakfast at a nice place on Fifth Avenue. The we walked to the beach, while Candy shopped in a hammock store. Candy and I then went back to the condo and napped off and on until her shuttle came to take her to the airport. I walked around most of the afternoon, found the local HEB (Selecto Super Chedraui) just a few blocks from the condo. I stopped at a local XOXO and bought three bananas for a dollar, and decided to find out what was on 10th Avenue. Nothing much. Crossed over and went up and down Fifth Avenue again, walked back to the beach (I wore flip flops on purpose), took the flip flops off and walked along the beach for a while. I had a good brisket sandwich for dinner, didn't eat the bread, and headed back to the condo. Candy and I had gone up to the pool this morning, and it is extra nice after dark. Tomorrow I am going to look at condos with a local REALTOR®, and I am hoping to find one I like in this particular area, we'll see. I haven't figured out how to work the television yet, but I am just going to go with no news is good news.

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