Thursday, March 16, 2023

Volume 15 - Day 75/290, 2023 - Thursday

Driving back and forth from the office and hither and yon, the Bluebonnets have been making a good showing. I have not seen a lot of Kids/Bluebonnet photos so far this year, but they are doing nicely, and today I saw a patch of Bluebonnets and Indian Paintbrushes. Very pretty. I haven't been able to stop and document for posterity, but here is a photo of a few that are growing around a tree in Deb and Jay's front yard. Lovely. It was dribbling rain this morning on our walk, and we recorded a whopping 0.02" in the guage so far. It is supposed to rain more overnight, there are tornado watches active, and the temperatures are headed south for about the next six or seven days. The temperature right now is 81 degrees, and in the next few hours it is expected to be in the mid-50s. Crazy. I had lunch today with Lynda and Michael, and it was fun catching up with them. I am thinking of playing hooky from the office tomorrow. I have a couple appointments on the books, and then I think I might just take a nap for the rest of the afternoon. Couldn't hurt!

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