Tuesday, March 7, 2023

Volume 15 - Day 66/299, 2023 - Tuesday

This time tomorrow, I should be back in Austin, and just about at the point that I will be picking up the girls. Eight days gone, sometime is seems longer, sometime it seems just like yesterday. I expect the girls will remember who I am, we shall see. It is the full moon day, and the beach is lovely, lots of people out to see the moon. It was a fun day here, and I like doing a lot of walking here and there. I feel like I know where plenty of things are, just from walking around. I found the large new grocery store, the local mall, the Walmart, and lots of good restaurants. I also found something I was not really looking for, but that will have to wait for another journal entry. I have walked up and down on Fifth Avenue on a Saturday night, Sunday night, Monday night and Tuesday night. Saturday was definitely the busiest, as should be expected. But it was a nice night walking up and down the avenue this evening. Not too crowded, but lots of activity. I am looking forward to exploring more. I will check out of the VRBO tomorrow morning at 11, and head over to meet Alisha and Reuben, and we will head to the airport probably around noon or 1. The flight does not leave until almost 6, but we can hang around in the airport just as good as any other place. See y'all tomorrow!

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