Tuesday, March 14, 2023

Volume 15 - Day 73/292, 2023 - Tuesday

It's cold and I'm freezing. Okay, not literally, but it is not warm, and neither am I. Right now, it is about 60 degrees outside, and I have turned the heat back on, just to get the chill out of the house. I will turn it back off before I go to bed, but I just needed a little bit of heat temporarily. It was cold enough this morning during our walk that I had on sweats, a pretty heavy jacket, a stocking cap and gloves. I went to breakfast with the ROMEOs, wearing shorts and a jacket. Once I got to the office, I at least took the jacket off, but when I got home this afternoon and took the girls outside, I put the jacket back on. The low temperatures are supposed to be in the 30s later this week, and I cannot stand that at all. I think there might be some heavy storms coming our way as well. BUT...I will take it as it comes, and it will all work out okay. It was a full day in the office, and that was good, I got a lot of stuff done. We are still recovering from the storms over the past six weeks or so, and that is all about over. If you get a friend request from my friend Mike, don't accept, I am pretty sure he has been hacked. He is in Tennessee right now, visiting with our friend Twig. Rumor has it, the wimmin in the neighborhood (Marge and Pam) are starting their own Tuesday breakfast group, and I assume they will be known as the ROWEOs. I assume.

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