Monday, March 6, 2023

Volume 15 - Day 65/300, 2023 - Monday

It was another really nice day in Playa del Carmen. I woke up this morning and went to the 7-11 for coffee, and enjoyed one of the bananas I bought yesterday at OXXO. I met Hazel at 10AM, and we went and looked at about seven properties, checked out the common areas of another one that I will look at tomorrow, and drove past a couple more that I crossed off the list because, even though they were in a very nice part of the city, the location was just not right for me. Of all the properties we were inside today, there is only one that I am considering, and I have big hopes that the other one that we saw the common areas of will look as good as the photos purport it to be. I very much like the common areas, and it will be great for the girls. The two that are making the final cut could not be more different, but I will see how it goes. Today is Alisha and Reuben's anniversary, twenty five years, so I left them alone, but we did meet up for dinner. Hazel recommended a restaurant not far from her office, La Cueve del Chango (The Cave of the Monkey). We didn't see any monkeys, but we did see turtled (akumals). My high school Spanish classes have afforded me a little bit of communication skills, but being fluent in Spanish is not really a requirement here. More tomorrow. I have a zoom meeting tomorrow at noon PdC time, and I really hope I remember to attend!

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