Thursday, March 9, 2023

Volume 15 - Day 68/297, 2023 - Thursday

Okay, it was but to the usual routine today, and it was all good. Dick, Paul and I went for our walk, and I forgot to bring the dog cookies. There was only one dog that we passed (Ella), and she was ready for a cookie, and I felt badly about disappointing her. I will try to remember the dog cookies tomorrow. Then off to the office. I was scheduled for a zoom meeting at 10AM, and when I tried to logon, it said I could not join the meeting. Apparently, the meeting had been cancelled at 9:30, and the person in charge of the call sent us all a message, but she forgot to hit the send button. It all worked out well, and I picked up a couple hours of getting other stuff taken care of. I left the office about 2 o'clock, and had a couple errands that needed to be run, and I got home about 3:30. I am considering re-starting all the clocks later this evening, and I am going to be pro-active and set them all for DST. No sense in repeating efforts, and I will just be that far ahead of the game. The plum tree that Lynda and Michael gave me in 2021 after I moved in to the Curious House is blooming. As far as I can remember, this is the first time it has bloomed, and I know for sure that it has never born fruit. Fingers crossed for this year, it is also supposed to be self-pollinating. Time will tell.

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