Wednesday, March 8, 2023

Volume 15 - Day 67/298, 2023 - Wednesday

Okay, I'm home, and I am pretty sure the girls recognized me, or all that training about not getting in a car with strangers was just a waste of time. The flight left Cancun at 6:55PM, and being the good travelers that we are, we got to the airport at about 1:30. We had a nice, relaxed lunch, and got on the plane just as we were scheduled. No issues. We even got to Austin a little bit early, but we could not get off the plane, becuase there was no one that could drive the jetway up to the plane, so we could not get off the plane. After going through customs and all that, I was about 25 minutes later than I expected to pick up the girls. I think everyone (me and the girls) is glad to be home. I know they had a good time with Val, Paulina and Oliver, but I think they are happy to ba back sleeping in the bed with me. I met a really nice couple on the plane, one a Dean at Southwestern, and his wife a school counselor for Austin schools. Small world! It is back to work and the office tomorrow, and I have a ten o'clock zoom call. Plus, I am looking forward to walking in the morning with the guys. At the airport this afternoon, we had chips and guacamole, and the guacamole was smushed up fresh to order. How do you like my hat? I will write more tomorrow! Enjoy the rest of your evening.

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