Friday, March 17, 2023

Volume 15 - Day 76/289, 2023 - Friday

Happy St. Patrick's Day to all y'all. I have one (ONE) green t-shirt, and I wore it today, just so I could harass other people who were not wearing anything green. Whatever works! It was raining off and on this morning when we started walking, so we had an abbreviated walk, just about a mile. I had a nine o'clock appointment, and had every intention of going down for a nap after that, but that did not work. I had an appointment (again) with the dermatologist at 11:30; I got there about 11:10, they called me in about 11:15, I was mostly nekkid and the doctor was in by about 11:20, and I was OUT OF THERE by 11:40. Perfect! Nothing terrible was discovered, I had about four or five pre-cancerous things on my face and arms, and a couple other things I wanted removed, so those little things were frozen. Once again, I am a lucky guy. I have never EVER been a person that used sunscreen or oils, I just laid out and baked. A LOT, so it seems I am tougher than some others. After that, I did take a little bit of a nap, but the phone kept ringing, so I got up and went to Costco in Cedar Park. I usually go to the one in Austin, but I went to Cedar Park instead. I bought a couple things that were on the list, and got gas in the little white car. The gas station at the new HEB should be open by the time I need gas again, and that will make me happy. Only one estate sale tomorrow, so there had damn well better be some good stuff at it. I'll let you know. Photo: About four or five years ago, my friend Holly brought all the members of a committee we were serving on some clover plants, and I have nursed this baby along, and it is still kicking.

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