Tuesday, May 2, 2023

Volume 15 - Day 122/243, 2023 - Tuesday

For every person in the world (oaky, let's narrow this down to the USA) that considers themselves to be 'toned,' there are ten of me, sporting 'flabby abs and hard arteries!' I admit it, so just shut up! We had a good walk this morning, and then we had our ROMEOs breakfast. We universally complained that our food is consistently delivered 'cold,' but we also cannot think of another place to meet on a regular basis. It is what it is. I got in to the office, and it was a pretty busy day. For me that is, and my days are generally not that busy. I had stuff to do in the office, and then there were late afternoon appointments. Generally, I try to make late morning or early afternoon appointments, but that did not work for today. I did not get home until after 6, and the girls were about to worry themselves sick. The Piglet was a nervous wreck, they did not get fed until late, and she was about to lose a pound, but alas, I walked in and she calmed down. Tomorrow will be busy again, but not quite as busy. Thursday will be another late day, but I expect I will survive. It is supposed to start raining again late Thursday afternoon, so we will be happy for more rain.

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