Tuesday, May 9, 2023

Volume 15 - Day 129/236, 2023 - Tuesday

What the photo accompanying this journal entry proves is, what I have known for my whole life, I should have been taller and had longer arms! It was a relatively easy day today. In 2019, Melinda and Steve and I went to Ben's Chili Bowl for lunch. We were told it was just a spot for the regulars, not the tourists. Today, Steve and I made our way back to it, and had lunch again. It has not really changed at all, and it was fun to make our way back. Tonight, we had our National Block Party at the Nationals Park. I drizzled rain in the morning, but was nice in the afternoon. When we left for the ball park, it was about 64 degrees, and expected to be in the high 50s at 10 o'clock. It has been a whirlwind trip so far, moreso than I remember from conferences past, and there is one more full day left. 

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