Tuesday, May 23, 2023

Volume 15 - Day 143/222, 2023 - Tuesday

This was the worst day for commuting that I have experienced in several years...maybe even worse than the pre-pandemic days. I had breakfast with the ROMEOs this morning, and I had an 11 o'clock appointment in Austin. My intention was to get in to the office for a few minutes, and then go to my 11 o'clock. That did not happen. I left breakfast before anyone else, and not long after I got on the highway, traffic backed up. There was a wreck, and lots of damage but not any injuries likely. That traffic opened up, and in less than five minutes, traffic stopped again. And it did not move. Just stopped. There were three out of four lanes shut down, and it was crazy. I am pretty sure traffic was backed up to Dallas because of it. A nightmare. Whatever. Our walk this morning was good, I was late to my 11 o'clock appointment, and I got in to the office about 12:30. We are going through a transition in the office, and there is a certain amount of chaos going on, but it will all settle down in a couple weeks. Tomorrow will be a better day, I will most likely get in to the office at a reasonable time, and I have a 2 o'clock zoom meeting. No sweat. This little bunny was seen at the pocket park in the neighborhood during our walk this morning. Cute!

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