Sunday, May 21, 2023

Volume 15 - Day 141/224, 2023 - Sunday

This was truly a lazy day. I got up and met Paul and Richard for a walk, and that was good. When I got home, I piled up in the big chair with the girls, and watch Sunday Morning. I can neither confirm or deny that I took a nap, but it was not for long if I did. I did a few little things around the house, nothing big, and I looked to see if there were any estate sales. There were three, but I was not particularly motivated to go, so I did not. Eventually, I made it to Target, bout three t-shirts and food for the girls, and got gas in the little white car. Even though the day was grey and cloudy, the temperature was quite nice, and I got all the outside plants watered. The Piglet got her face washed this afternoon, and she is not at all happy about the process, but I really think she feels better after it is over. I also did an engineering masterpiece trying to keep the swallows from nesting over the front porch, and I think I may have finally thwarted them. Maybe not, but nobody can say I have not tried. Later this afternoon, I went down to visit with Jimmie and Linda, and returned what was left of the shiny swallow deterring reflective scare tape. A masterpiece I tell you! It wa nice visiting with them again, and now I am getting ready for the week to come. Life is good, all is good, we are all lucky people.

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