Sunday, May 14, 2023

Volume 15 - Day 134/231, 2023 - Sunday (Mother's Day)

Once again, I have no idea if these are Indian Paintbrush or Indian Blankets. I should pay more attention. Richard only walked a few feet with us this morning, he hurt his foot, and has no idea how it happened. Paul and I continued and had a good walk. There was no rain, and we saw these blooms not far from the Amenity Center. I am feeling much better, I slept all through the night last night, and I don't think I woke up coughing even once. I have coughed some during the day, but nothing at all like yesterday. I finished the cough medicine that was prescribed in 2009, and now I am working on one of the two bottles that were prescribed in 2017. I did get to the grocery store late this morning, and I am glad for that. I also did a few things around the house today, and got all the clocks set and wound. Teri and I went to a movie this afternoon, and I was pretty disappointed with it. It is a distinct possibility that I am just old and cranky, and not a good movie-goer. Period. It did rain today, though, over ah inch-and-a-half. That make a little over 3 inches in the last three days. WHOOPEE!

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