Thursday, May 25, 2023

Volume 15 - Day 145/220, 2023 - Thursday

It's almost here. FRIDAY! Our walk was good this morning, and I headed (headed? Is that a word?) in to the office a little bit early, because I had a noon appointment that was expected to take a while. All was good in the office, except the telephone parts. We have been having issues with ONE phone extension, and no one can seem to agree with what the exact problem is. A broke phone or not a broke phone? A network problem or not a network problem. A broke phone makes the most sense, since there is only one phone affected. A network issues does not make sense, since there is only one phone that is affected. See there, how I used the words 'sense' and 'since' two times in a row, in two different sentences? Pay attention! My noon appointment was at a Broker Open House, it was fun, and I had a great time visiting with Benson and Maggie. While I was there, I did have an opportunity to ponder my future world travels, and the glasses made the ponderance even easier.

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