Monday, May 15, 2023

Volume 15 - Day 135/230, 2023 - Monday

Not bad for a Monday. Richard's foot was still giving him problems, so he was not able to walk. Paul and I walked, and we made it about four minutes ahead of schedule. I made it in to the office relatively early, because I am expecting it to be a pretty busy week. I was off to the Austin Board by about 1:15 this afternoon, for a 2 o'clock function. It was the annual Women's Council of REALTORS® Cake Auction to benefit TREPAC. I am not sure how much money was raised today, but it was somewhere around $20K. Always a great event. This photo is of me (I am the handsome one) and my friend Gay Puckett (she is the pretty one). Gay always participates generously in this event. THANK YOU! I am working (again) on finding a pet sitter for the girls, and I may have found one. I will know for sure tomorrow or the next day. We got a little bit more rain today, that will put us at a little over 3.5" for the month, which ain't too shabby. It is going to be hot and humid the rest of the week, and we are expecting a cold front for the weekend. Bring it on!

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