Friday, May 19, 2023

Volume 15 - Day 139/226, 2023 - Friday

To be perfectly honest, this was a pretty good day. I did half a walk this morning, because I needed to be in Austin for an early appointment. I got to my 9 o'clock appointment at 8:30, and the man I was meeting with was already there. I like that a lot! The meeting was over before it was even scheduled to be starting, another win! Three tasks were completed successfully before 11 o'clock, and that was quite an accomplishment. I headed off for an 11:30 meeting, and found out the meeting had been rescheduled until noon. I got the message, but I thought it was just a mistake, because that meeting is ALWAYS at 11:30. Not so fast, Batman! I got back to the office about 1:30, got a little bit more stuff done, scheduled another appointment for Monday (that makes two), and headed home about 2:30. Maybe later, maybe earlier, it was hours ago and I really can't remember. There is a subdivision wide garage sale tomorrow, and I just hauled a bunch of (mostly Christmas decorations) stuff out of the attic, with the help of Andres. I may go back up in the attic tomorrow morning just to see if there is more stuff I can get rid of. I am in that kind of mood. It is supposed to rain and maybe hail tonight, and I hope it does, I like it when it storms overnight.

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