Monday, May 8, 2023

Volume 15 - Day 128/237, 2023 - Monday

I did something today, that I have never done in my life: I used an iron and an ironing board in my hotel room. I have to admit, I have packed this sport coat many times, and I finally decided there were just too many wrinkles, and, even though I asked very nicely, I could not find anyone up to the task of removing the wrinkles. What in the hell is wrong with our society? I asked nicely! It was a good day in our nation's capital, and I took advantage of a lot of things. The high point for me was the Hall of Fame inductee ceremony, and the two dinners (two) that I attended this evening. I did not order dinner at the first one, but there was key lime pie at the second one. At dinner tonight, I was lucky to be at a table of very good friends, and we laughed until two of us thought we were going to choke on the laughter. Too much fun, and it is really good to laugh out loud! Tomorrow will be another full day, and we have lots of things to get accomplished. THis is a photo of me and Theodora. I met Theodora many years ago in Orlando, and we see each other generally at these conferences. One of my faves!

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