Sunday, May 7, 2023

Volume 15 - Day 127/238, 2023 - Sunday

Apparently, I was only pretending to take a few photos today during the various meetings and receptions. I seem to remember taking photos, but they are not to be found on my phone. I will try to do better tomorrow. A good bunch of meetings, Forums, forecasts and hanging with a bunch of friends from across the country that I do not get to see enough of. The afternoon in DC was kind of drizzly, but not so bad that I could not walk to a reception that was about a mile (probably less) away from the hotel. I was very surprised that I figured out how to let Siri provide me with the walking instructions, and on the way back, I figured it out all by myself. I fear my calorie consciousness has been thrown to the gutter, since there is nothing to eat here that is not NOT on my recent intake schedule. Oh well, I expect I will overcome this too. I have big plans for tomorrow and Tuesday and Wednesday. There is still a lot of stuff to get accomplished, and lots of stuff to get started. It will all happen.

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