Monday, May 1, 2023

Volume 15 - Day 121/244, 2023 - Monday

If you have ever shared a zoom screen with me, you know I have a few hats. I don't WEAR hats, I just have hats. When Carrie and I were walking back from lunch this afternoon on South First Street, I found this hat on the sidewalk. Gehricke is apparently a winery and vineyard on Sonoma County, and probably a relatively snooty place. Maybe not. But, I now have the hat, and it is in the laundry room, waiting for a good washing to rid it of whatever kinds of cooties there may be inhabiting it. Maybe then, I will try it on, just for the hell of it. Today was a Monday, and it lived up to it's reputation, although tomorrow will be Tuesday, and we will all continue to go forward. Tomorrow, I have a couple appointments, and I will visit a new client tomorrow afternoon to bring her property into our management portfolio. Just in case you need reminding, and just because I need to remind myself every now and then, I am a lucky guy!

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